Share Six: January 2017: Music

Hard to believe that it is 2017.  The past year just flew by. Katherine of Cobert Photography has chosen Music as the theme for January. Tough one for me.  I am not a musician, we have no musical instruments in the house and I have not been to any events recently where music was involved.  Unless I photograph Richard setting up his playlists for his phone to play through his new blue tooth speaker. There is nothing musical about that. However, I was reminded of an event we had a couple of years ago when I first started out taking photos.  So I pulled them up and went through a re-edit process.

One staff luncheon we were treated to a hour of musical delight. My work colleague and her husband are musicians.  Jane does a lot of “Elvis” cruises with a prominent cruise line, and Dave is a quiet soul, whom if you met him, would not make you think that he had this stunning voices that range from Elvis, to Nat King Cole, to Frank Sinatra, to my all time favorite UB40.  They also have a ministry of visiting the elderly and singing to them.  I love that this brings great joy not only to Dave and Jane but also those that they minister to.  Jane mentioned to me at the time that they do not have an opportunity to change their costumes, so they interchange with hats and sunglasses, scarves and such items.

Here is my share on the topic Music.  I look forward to seeing yours.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0246

They started off with an all time favorite of mine “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole. With the piano music starting out, almost big band in the background, add the smoothness of Dave’s voice and the pure joy on their faces and you know that you are in for a treat.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0252

Then moving on to “Fly me to the Moon”, by Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra., and I am reminded of the days when I pulled out my mother’s vinyl LP’s and enjoyed this type of music.  I loved the feeling of being brought just a little closer to my folks memories in that moment.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0275

“You’ll never find” by Lou Ralls has Dave’s voice dropping to a crooning and you are drawn into this jazzy style of music with a bit of an upbeat background.  Throw in a little bit of Stevie Wonder with this song “You are the sunshine of my life”, and your feet are tapping and your head is nodding, and the audience’s faces have lightened up and their smiles are beaming.  Looking at Dave and Jane, you can surely feel that this is what Dave is feeling.  Jane is in fact a bundle of sunshine, who will light up a room as she walks into it.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0350

The highlight of the day was when Jane picked up the saxophone and treated us to an amazing rendition of “Moonglow”  Wow!! Big Band and sax  – what can I say.  What a pleasure to listen to.  I knew she played the sax but it took my breath away.  She was amazing.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0362

One of my all time favorites was and Elvis Presley song.  I am really familiar with it sung by UB40.  “I can’t help falling in love with you”  With the deep voice of Elvis, add the sunglasses and the sparkly jacket and I am there rocking side to side and just loving hearing this beautiful song.  I am reminded that my version that I grew up with had a slightly reggae feel to it.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0373

“Take my hand, my whole life to because I can’t help falling in love with you”                     (Elvis Presley & UB40)

What a coup!  Young and old, we were all entranced in the performance, the versatility, and the love that these two amazing people share.  It is definitely time to stop by and listen to them again.

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