Tell me a Story: July 2019

I will start out by saying Happy Summer and advise you that this is going to be a long post.  I’m sorry but this place warrants it, for me.  As you will recall were were in San Antonio in April and I wanted to share this day before moving on to New York blogs.

The last day in San Antonio, I managed to convince Richard that we needed to go and visit the missions.  Now I will tell you that looking at old buildings is not Richard’s favorite past time.  I on the other hand, love history, old buildings and anything genealogical.  I mentioned it before but it is worth mentioning again, the bus system in San Antonio is fantastic.  We got around pretty easily.  I had listed 3 missions to visit;  Mission San Juan Capistrano, Mission San Jose Church, and Mission Concepcion.  If you are interested in doing this trip, just be prepared to make it a day trip so that you can take time to appreciate the essence of each mission.  Make sure to take lots of water especially if you are in the summer months.

Each one was unique and well worth visiting, in my opinion.  However, the one I really enjoyed the most was Mission San Jose Church.  This mission is known as the Queen of the Missions.  You will see why as you read through the blog.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4577San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4580

As you enter Mission San Jose, you get the sense of being part of something so old and so historic.  In February 23, 1720 Mission San Jose was founded by Father Antonio Margil.

These missions were founded to secure the land, and to be able to teach Christianity and its way of life to the local Indians.  These Indians were the  Coahuiltecan Indians, a small band of Native American Indians that lived in the Rio Grand Valley.  This tribe of Indians was seriously diminished by disease such as smallpox, and of course, slavery.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4584

The inside of the outer wall, we found a number of doorways.  The outer wall was thick enough to build housing for around 350 Indians.

The buildings included rooms for guests, officers, a place to eat and a pantry area.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4586San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4588

As I walked along the pathway I wondered how long, and how many people it took to build this incredible building.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4589San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019:  4590San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4593

In 1768, a church was built using local limestone.  This church is still an active church today and  Order of Friars Minor, a Catholic order, staffs the church.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4598

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4601

In 1794, the property was given to the Indians and in 1824 the missions activities ended. The photo below shows the entrance gates into the mission grounds.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 46040

When I researched the various sights to see, I remember seeing and being fascinated with the beauty of the arches in this building.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4614San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4616

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4618

In 1932, the buildings were repaired and restored.  The walls, quarters and bastion were restored.  The granary was also repaired and restored.  In 2001 the gristmill was opened

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4642

I was able to walk into a small chapel in my wanderings around.  It was simple and peaceful.  As was the bench outside.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4625San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4627

Below, this window is known as the Rose Window.  History would have us believe that there were two possibilities to the naming of this ornate window.  The first was that the window was possibly named after the creators girlfriend who, when traveling from Spain, tragically died at sea.  The other possibility was that the window was named after the first Saint of the new world, Saint Rose of Lima.  The craftsman however, is not known, although it is thought that he could be Pedro Huizar.  This window is one of the finest examples of baroque architecture.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4628San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4630San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4631

The tile in the image above is apparently the original tile, although somewhat faded and damaged.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4632

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4636San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4639

While I have tried to research the significance of these two crosses, I have not found the answer.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4643

We meandered to the back of the church and came across the granary and the grist mill, both equally interesting.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4645San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4646

The granary was also repaired and restored.  If you are interested in reading more about the granary and the grist mill reconstruction you can do so here.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4653San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4656

There is these mini aqueducts through the garden carrying the water to the mill.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4657

Once again we headed back to walk along the side wall heading out of the mission.  I came across some interesting areas that just caught my eye.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4661San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4663San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4664

Inside this glass casing was a miniature replica of the entire Mission San Jose.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4665San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4667San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4669San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4674San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4675San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4677San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4679

This stunning Queen of the Missions became the showplace of the Southwest. I can certainly believe this.  Its rough beauty is unparalleled to anything I have seen.  If you are in San Antonio, stop by and visit this beautiful mission.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4681San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4680

As I said, it is a long post.  There were just so many corners and arches and places to visit.

Thank you for joining me this month as we spend time sharing another day in our lives.  This is a circle blog.  Take some time to view what the other artists have for you this month.   Beth’s Photoblog is up next and I can’t wait to read what she has to share.


Love:  October 18, 2015 2172

30 Minutes in the Life: July 2019

30 Minutes of fireworks.  These were taken on the 4th July at a local park.  We had some friends visiting Florida and since it was their first 4th of July as US residents we decided to celebrate that with the fireworks.

This time of the year is mosquito time and I have to be honest I was dreading sitting outside in the humidity with mosquito’s feasting on me. I believe that mosquito’s think I am their food source.   So I put on a pair of jeans, sneakers and a short sleeved shirt and took a sweater.  Not fun being overdressed in the heat.

We found a spot on the edge of the lake and Richard and I friends walked around I watched the beautiful sunset.  Before we knew it, it was time for the fireworks and before you knew it 15 minutes later it was over.

The little girls behind us thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks and every time one explored we heard shrieks coming from them. I did not think they would have voices the following morning.

I tried different settings for these images, trying fast and slow.  Some I love and some were just okay.  Here are a few for this month’s blog.


Fireworkds:  July 4, 2019: 8006

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8018

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8033

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8042

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8044

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8060

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8109

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8115

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8164

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8192

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8497

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8499

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8514

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8535

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8532

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8544

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Share Six: July 2019: This is me

This month has not exactly been fun.  My computer crashed and I suddenly discovered how much I loved it.  That said, the poor laptop was not reviving very well.  I took it off to the tech guys and they gently told me that I would be better off purchasing something new rather than spending a whole bunch of money trying to fix my laptop.

So after 3 hours of talking myself into it, I finally decided to get a pc rather than a laptop and finally added way to many bells and whistles to the pc.  My bank account looks sick but I am smiling.  Cameron, my son, talked me into buying a 34 inch monitor and I have to be honest it is really a sweet feeling editing on there.

The computer took forever to arrive.  Downside for Dell and their 2 day delivery is that it took almost two weeks after hitting the order button the pc finally arrived.  But then it had to go up to the tech guys to have the hard drive of the laptop transferred over.  I happy to say that it is here.  The downside is I lost my Nik plugins for Photoshop.  And I really loved them.

That brings me to this month’s blog.  I would love to say I got creative and took selfies but that was not happening.  So I went back through the archives to find images of me.  The challenging part of finding photo’s is that I am rarely on this photo side of the camera. I am normally taking them. But I found a few.

I love to travel and so these images are from places we have traveled to around the USA.  I obviously love photography and the other interest that I have in life is genealogy.  I love tracking down family past and present and learning more about them.


Denver Vacation: March 16, 2013:602

Richard and I traveled to Denver Colorado in March of 2013.  What an amazing trip that was.

Denver Vacation: March 16, 2013: 819

Part of our visit was in the Rockies and not being a snow person I was pretty wrapped up and still feeling the cold.

Las Vegas:  March 2014:

2014 we visited Vegas and I had fun playing with a double exposure app on my phone.  I also had fun playing the slot machines in the casino.

St Augustine: September 1-7, 2013

This is me.  We often vacation at the beach.  We have a little pop up van that works well for the two of us and toes in the sand is what each day looks like at some point in the day.

Valley of Fire:  March 8, 2014: 3019

2014 and we are hiking in the Valley of Fire.  My brother was on conference and we were able to get away for the day.  The Valley of Fire is awesome and I loved seeing all the multi colored rock.

White Mountains: New Hampshire: September 19, 2018: 5324

2018 and we took the cable car to the top of the mountain while visiting the New Hampshire White Mountains.  The air was thin up there and I had some difficulty breathing to be honest.  The air was cold, we were heading out of autumn into the beginning stages of winter.

White Mountains: New Hampshire: September 19, 2018: 5345

Another pic in the New Hampshire White Mountains.  This particular hike was amazing.  We climbed through the mountains and the sides of the mountains got closer and closer.

I am sorry that this is not more creative but honestly I am to tired to even think creatively right now.

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