Tell me a Story: January 2019

It January and my story this month is about the new additions to our family.  Not mine, but Amy’s and Daniel’s.  So I guess that makes them grandkits.

At the end of November a friend sent a text to Amy and me asking with we wanted the little black and white cat.  She had found it crying in the parking lot.  The next day she texted again and she had found the rest of the litter, but no mom.  Of course, Amy had to have it and so Snow and Rory joined the family.

Amy had not moved into her apartment yet, Daniel had not arrived yet and she had to go to Philadelphia on business.  So guess who came to stay with me.  Much to my two’s disgust the kittens moved in.  They are pure delight, innocence and mischievousness all rolled into these two bundles of fur.

My tabby Simba, growled and hissed at them.  The gray and white cat, Mirrabelle, that came to stay temporary, and which never left, is not much older than a year was not quite sure what to do with them.   The first three pics are from the first visit, the rest are from the end of the year visit.  Oh and Snow is now Jon Snow as Amy discovered Snow was a he and not a she 🙂


These two siblings sleep like the ying and yang.


I was with them in my office one evening only to discover that they had both found my brief case and taken their turns to pose in it.


The both spent the evening exploring my office.

 One of the days I took them outside to do a photoshoot with them.

Rory:  October 28, 2018:  2077


Snow:  October 28, 2018: 2082


Rory:  October 27, 2018:  2078


The second visit they were a little braver.  Simba still hissed and growled and walked away disgusted.  Mirrabelle spent time attempting to corner them or play with them.  They quickly discovered that if they ran up the stairs they could peer over the railing and be safe.  They also liked to explore outside on the deck.  The one day they found a gap between the ferns and lay down and went to sleep.

Snow and Rory:  December 29, 2019: 0562


Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0541

Snow hanging out

Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0546

Rory exploring the flower bed

Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0551

Rory kind of tired

Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0556

Rory – I need to rest

Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0567

Snow – me too.

These two are a real delight.  I don’t see them often enough but love it when I do.  Snow is kind of an attack cat.  He waits for Rory to be either below him or doing something else and then next thing he pounces.  Rory on the other hand takes a little while to figure things out but once he does he is a delight to watch.  I am so glad to have these guys as part of our lives.

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30 Minutes in the Life: January 2019

Over the winter months West Palm Beach has a green market at the bottom end of Clematis Street.  Two week ago I was supposed to go up and join Amy and Daniel at the market but things came up and I did not get up there.  Last week I drove up to West Palm Beach and we headed down to enjoy the sights and sounds.

First off there was a flea market leading up to to the green market that we meandered through.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1143

The streets were lined with vendors and I love all the interesting things I find at a flea market.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1145

Beautiful handmade baskets.  I loved the one with the candle inside it.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1146

So I now know what to do with all of Richard’s golf clubs. Make a dog.  I thought this was pretty cool.  The bicycle at the very end of the table was made with a bicycle chain.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1147

Jewelry and stuff toys made for an interesting table.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1150

Reloved – not quite sure what that means but I am assuming that it is existing clothes with a new take on them.  I did love the banner though.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1151

I did not get up close enough to decide whether these were pens or decorative hair pieces but I really loved the vibrant colors

At this point we had reached the green market and I was looking forward to finding the spice stand.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1153

I always love to see orchids.  They remind me of my dad.  These Vanda orchids were outstanding and I while I wanted to get some there was so much to still see that I found myself moving on to the next stand.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1155

What a wonderful burst of color these cacti created.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1156

And then I spent some time here at this particular stand looking at all the different spices.  Mmm the smells were awesome and I walked away with with a red curry, lamb rub spices, Marsala, and another version of curry.  I had got what I had come for.  A few stands on I found another Indian store where I bought some beef samoosa’s for Richard.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1158

These cute little air plants could definitely find a place in my home.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1160

I just gave Amy three round glass balls after her wedding with the idea that she could make some small terrariums.  These were the perfect examples for me.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1161

And then I found the lady selling tea.  Tea has a special place in my home.  My grandmothers, mother and aunts drank tea.  I drink tea.  But one of the best memories is always triggered by the smell of vanilla tea.  My friend Gavin, who is no longer with us, always used to invite me into the kitchen when I visited for a cup of vanilla tea that he had brought back from the Maldives.  He always said the others did not appreciate the Vanilla tea.  Of course I left with a packet of vanilla tea.  Just opening it up and smelling it makes me feel good.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018:  1163

The fruit and veggies looked delicious.  Poor Daniel became the one to carry all the purchases.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018:  1165

Another spice dealer.  A little more expensive but I loved that you could see what had gone into make up the spice.  Daniel decided to smell one of the spices and spent the next 10 minutes sneezing.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1167

Chilli’s – the colors were so vibrant and enticing.

And then we were heading back up to the flea market. My 30 minutes is up but I am going to share the rest of our outing.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1173

Hand made butterflies that were so delicate and beautiful.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1174

Colorful beads each design worked into the clay before the bead is even rolled.  Of course, I loved the black and white beads.  Amy says I need more color in my life.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1176

I loved these big flowers made out of recycled soda bottles and spray painted.  Amy decided that her and Daniel would have a project soon to make their own.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1177

And just because.  I thought of my cousins daughter daughter who has just had a sweet little girl.  I could see her in this outfit.

As I expected Amy was hungry and we needed to go for something to eat.  Actually I was hungry as well – I skipped breakfast to get up there as early as I could, so we spent some time eating before heading back to the car.  On the way I could some of the beautiful graffiti that you can find in WPB if you go looking.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018:

Some of my favorite artwork is on the walls in Clematis Street.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1171

I had to crop this one as someone in their wisdom put a gas heater in front of the bottom of the artwork.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1180

I loved this colorful encouragement of friendship.

WPB Green/Flea Market:  January 19, 2018: 1183

Cartoon characters and more.  I love how the artists minds work.

Going to West Palm Beach is always fun for me, especially heading down to Clematis Street and the art district.  If you are in the area stop by and enjoy what the city has for you.  Clematis Street has lots of little restaurants, pubs and places to hang out along with some awesome graffiti if you are happy to go looking.

Thank you for joining us for another month of 30 Minutes. Just a reminder that this is a circle blog, so take some time to visit my friend Kristina from Hello Olivia Photography   and see what she has for you this year.

Share Six: January 2019: Wide

So the New Year has begun and it is countdown until the end of the year. Let me start out by saying Happy New Year. May 2019 be a blessing to you. May your home be filled with love, joy, peace, family and good health.

I am so excited to begin another year with the Share Six team. These ladies are amazing and they push us out of our comfort zone each and every month. This month I chose the theme {Wide}. This is somewhat hard for me – I am very attached to my zoom lens.

A visit to Bok Gardens in December required me to photograph wide. The gardens were gorgeous and the trees were outstanding. I loved all the moss on the branches and the Spanish moss hanging from the trees.

News Years Day has seemed to become a tradition for me to get up early in the morning and head to the ocean to watch a new year begin. The opportunity to start again, to write a new story of 365 days. I am conscious that I am getting older and time is getting shorter. I want to enjoy every moment of each day and what it has to offer. I am hoping that this year brings more travel, new faces, new friends, and the meeting of new family. I hope that your 2019 is a year filled with many joys.

Last but not least I took myself off to the local Wetlands to watch the sunset. I did a short walk around the board walk and then headed up to the waters edge to wait for the setting sun. There was a bank of clouds but the sky did light up as the sun set.

Thank you for joining me for this month’s Share Six blog post.  This is a circle blog.  From the sneak peak images I have seen, you are going to want to follow the circle.  Please take time to visit my friend and very talented artist Kathy of KG Ledbetter Photography and see what she has for you this month. Keep following the circle to see what the other photographers have shared this month.  Don’t forget to leave a little love on their page as well.

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