Tell me a Story: July 2017

Recently when I visited the Butterfly World I got to see some stunning butterfly, along with the beautiful Passiflora plants.  One of the other aspects of the Butterfly World is it aviaries with a variety of birds.  Like some things in life,  walking in aviaries with birds can be messy, and the Lorikeets were the messiest of the lot.   I had to go and wash my shirt after I exited that cage.

Here are a few of the birds I got to see.

Sparkling Violet Ear Humingbird


Sparkling Violet Ear Hummingbird


Finch (Australian)


Finch (Australian)



Blue Black Grassquit (Brasil)



Budgies (Australia)


Budgies (Australia)


Lorikeets (New Guinea)


The beautiful Macaw


Red Legged Honeycreeper (S.Mexico – N. Boliva)


Canary (Canary Islands)


Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu (Africa)


Black-faced Dacnis (South America)


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30 Minutes in the Life: July 2017

In 2013, a number of photographers got together to form 30 Minutes in the Life.  A few years ago that morphed into Journey to Artist with the 30 minutes blog being a part of that group.  However, recently the Journey to Artist administrators felt the need to step away from the Facebook page and the blog group due to other commitments in their lives.  It has been such a pleasure working with these ladies and it was sad to see things come to a halt.  The blog group decided to continue blogging and moving forward the Journey to Artist page will become 30 Minutes in the Life once again.  The Facebook page will also change to 30 Minutes in the Life and we will see over the months how it evolves.

For this month’s 30 Minutes I am going to share the beauty of the Passiflora blossom. Beautiful butterfly’s evolve from caterpillars and the Passiflora is the food source for those caterpillar. I headed out to the Butterfly World recently and enjoyed a huge variety of butterflies in sub tropical temperatures, filled with butterflies and mosquito.  I was convinced I was a candidate for the Zika virus, but honestly it was worth the visit.  After leaving the butterfly enclosure, I walked though a Passiflora covered walkway.  Not all of the blossoms were out but what I did see was so beautiful.  I have bought three packs of seeds and I hope to grow a wall of passiflora blossom.

I hope you enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous plants.


Passiflora Mary Jane


Passiflora Lavender Lady



Passiflora Mary Jane


Passiflora Inspiration


Pasiflora Grace Ann



Pasiflora Inspiration


Passiflora Joan Marie


Passiflora Inspiration


This is not a passiflora but I thought it was pretty.


Passiflora Peter Lawrence


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Share Six: July 2017: Artificial Light

This month Ceri of Ceri Herd Photography chose the topic Artificial Light.  I have to confess that once again I was pretty stumped.  I have done some studio work that I have already shared on this blog.  I don’t have a model at home except the cats and they are not very cooperative.  When the camera comes out they walk away.  Richard had put a bright night light on the upstairs level of the staircase which gave off some shadows but that wasn’t working for me.  Finally after breakfast with my son on Friday I decided to head on down to the Mizner Museum.  They had a great display of glasswork, but a lot of the art I had seen on my previous visits.  However,  the museum uses a lot of artificial lighting and so it was perfect for my theme this month.

All the images were taken with my 70-300mm lens.  I hope you enjoy what caught my attention.

This was a wall of what appeared to be glass half swords forming a cross in the middle and the overall image in the shape of a heart. While it was lit up on the wall I really did not see the shape of the heart until I was editing.


This image reminded me a bit of the “trash the wedding dress” phase that has been going around. I loved all the glass bubbles with the light reflecting off of them.


This was a bust in the middle of the walk way which I have edited only to show the light shining onto it.


This is a tree made up of tiny pieces of reflective glass. The lights shining onto it give a spray of light off the glass pieces. By focusing in a different area and then moving across to take the image of the tree I was able to get all of this crazy reflective bokeh light.


This is an interesting piece of art made up of balls. When editing I loved how the light was focused in the center creating shadows on the outside.


As part of the glassworks, this was one of the most interesting combinations on display. There is so much going on in this image.


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