Another blue hour ending: May 2023

Just another day to live. The sun is setting on a beautiful and productive day. Come and see the sunset through my eyes.

Blue Hour: April 2023

Sunsets are my favorite time of the day. I love to watch the closing of the day and reflect on how the day has gone. To reflect on what I have achieved, what still has to be done. I am grateful that I am still alive to watch the end of yet another beautiful day.

Sunsets are my favorite time of day: December 2020

Watching the sunset brings me pleasure, soothes my soul, makes me appreciate that in the scheme of things I am really small….

Flowers in Macro: October 2020

Flowers make me smile….

30 Minutes in the Life: May 2020

Escaping the past 2 months we headed out to the Everglades to watch the sun set….

Share Six: June 2016: Earth

It seems like time flies.  How did we already get to blogging for June.  This is the 4th month of Share Six and it has been so good to get to know my fellow bloggers and also to get to know the photographers sharing through their images and their participation in the group. Kim chose the theme EARTH this month.  Part of her thoughts…

Tell me a story: May 2016

Tell me a Story is live.  Each month we are given a quote to base our photographs on .  The quote for May is: “Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in this life has a purpose.” ~ Elizabeth Kubler Ross. One of the best places for me to silence myself is to take a walk in the…

Tell me a Story: January 2016

I started with the group Tell me a Story in March 2014.  The object of the group was to take 1 day in the month and blog on it.  It has been fun, and I have learned a lot about the different members of the group. Along the way I became an Admin of the group.  This year I asked the group member is…

Tell me a story: November 2015

The other day I walked outside and I thought to myself truly Florida does have snow, it just comes in a different form.  The lawns are covered with tiny white flowers. Either side of us the properties look like this.  They are out in abundance and apparently prolific.  White like flakes of snow little the grass. Today I went outside with my macro lens…

Encountering Burrowing Owls…

If you have never encountered a Burrowing Owl, then you are missing out on a real treat.  Burrowing Owls are exactly what they called.  They nest in burrows in the ground.  July 2014, I had the privilege and pleasure, of observing these cute little characters. A friend had mentioned that she knew where some were and would take me to see them.   I was…