Family Portraits_122514141

It was in high school that I embraced the passion of shooting film and developing it in the darkroom.  I lived for those days after school when I could head to the darkroom and watch the image come to life.  Today, my camera takes away some of that awe, however, I love the opportunity for an instant re-do if I am not happy with what I have on screen.

It does not matter whether I am at the top of the Drakensburg Mountains, South Africa, or dive the deep seas of Ponta do Oura, Mozambique. Whether I watch the sun rise or set on the beach in Florida, kayak through alligator-infested rivers, freeze in the winter snow of Denver or sip wine in Napa Valley. Or if I suntan in Greece, walk the canals of Amsterdam or visit a beer hall in Germany. Whether I visit Balmoral Castle, drive the rolling hills of Wales, or walk the Yorkshire Dales. Every experience takes my breath away and reinforce for me that there is a creator. That wherever I roam, I will find something new, something unique, something worthy of capturing it’s very essence. It’s those days when I see a brand new baby, watch a child at play, find myself sharing a rain shelter with a homeless person, or look at the well earned lines on the face of a person who has reached their twilight years. It is the moments when your child breaks into a smile that just pierce your heart or when you look at your life partner and reflect on how much they mean to you. It is these moments in life that humble me, draw me in and inspire me to stop what I am doing and pick up my camera.

These days we are in a new walk in life.  My husband had developed Stage 4 melanoma.  Where ever I can, I want to share his story with the chance to educate others to do what we did not do.  To take care in the sun, use sunscreen, get routine check ups with a dermatologist and live a healthy life.  We are checking off the bucket list, and endeavoring to make each day a memory making moment in time.

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