Share Six

Thank you for stopping by and viewing my new project Share Six page. I was first involved with Project 10. Project 10 Challenge change their name to Sharetographers.  Late last year Sharetographers went quiet.  Due to other commitments the entire blog group from Sharetographers has had to withdraw.  As of February 2016, I was asked if I was interested in taking over the running of this page and so the group has a change up again. Share Six has now evolved.  Same group, new bloggers, guest challenges and guest blogs.    If you click on the image below the the link will take you directly to the blog.

December 2014

Project 10: December 2014: Simplicity

Gamble Rogers State Park, Flagler, Florida, September 8, 2014 74

Project 10:  January 2015: Glitter

Gainesville: February 13, 2015 1964

Sharetographers Share 6: Same: February 2015

Cameron & Kathryn Engagement: March 28, 2014 9027

Sharetographers Share 6: Where I stand: March 2015

Sharetographers: Tasty: April 12, 2015 0024

Sharetographers Share 6: Tasty: April 2015

Sharetographers: Floral: April 19, 2015 0692

Sharetographers Share 6: Floral: May 2015

The Green Iguana is a common site down in the Florida Keys and where we were staying they wandered through the campsite. This guy got really up close and personal. The Green Iguana is a vegetarian, and fairly harmless, although they do look a little intimidating when you see the really big ones.

Sharetographers Share 6: Rustic: June 2015

Just hanging out waiting for a wave.

Sharetographers Share 6: Smooth: July 2015

Waterdrops on a leaf

Share Six:  March 2016

Enroute Leavensworth.

Share Six: April 2016: Water

Green straws in a container

Share Six: May 2016:  Green

Great Blue Heron

Share Six: June 2016: Earth

Some years ago I picked up an art deco lampstand. The lamp shade was broken but I managed to turn the holder into a candle holder. Playing around tonight I kind of liked the effect I got.

Share Six: July 2016: Kitchen

Waterdrop in Silhouette

Share Six: August 2016: Minimalism

When I left home this morning the fog was so thick that I could not resist taking this photo.

Share Six: September 2016: Black and White

The chess set was lying on the coffee table and I thought "this is also glass".

Share Six:October 2016: Time

Weeds can be beautiful.

Share Six: November 2016: Texture

The library taken at night with the Lensbaby sweet 35

Share Six: December 2016: Bokeh

Singing at the Christmas luncheon

Share Six: January 2017: Music

Wakodahatchee Wetlands:  March 8, 2013

Share Six: February 2017: Shadows

Green Cay Wetlands: February17, 2017: 8126

Share Six: March 2017: Restore

Columbus Georgia Conference Trip: March 2-6, 2017: 9037

Share Six: April 2017: Conection

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