Project 10: February 2015: Same

This past week, I spent 5 days with my daughter Amy.  She had to have a bone graft and I wanted to be with her when it was done, and be there to nurse her if she needed her mommy, in the days that followed.  We mistakenly believed that this surgery had been easier than the original accident that caused the need for the bone graft.  However, 36 hours after the surgery her face started to swell and the pain kicked in.  However, knowing that I wanted to go and look for wild horses at the Prairie, she bravely went out with me late Friday after taking her pain meds.  We did not walk much, and I did not get to see the wild horses, but I did get quality time with my child.

Beyond that I had asked her if she would model for me so that I could get one photo of a red and black umbrella.  Well Amy got into the swing of things and for a while I started thinking Mary Poppins.  I chose not to take close ups of her face because truthfully it is swollen.  She looks like she has had botox, poor child.  But she was a real sport working with me.

Here is my take on the topic “Same”.  Same umbrella, different poses, different colors, some without color.

Gainesville: February 13, 2015 1963

Gainesville: February 13, 2015 1964

Gainesville: February 12, 2015 1969

Gainesville: February 12, 2015 1973

Gainesville: February 13, 2015 1989

Gainesville: February 13, 2015 2002

Gainesville: February 13, 2015 2010

Gainesville: February 13, 2015 2008

M4H: Happy:  February 13, 2015 2014

As of today we heard the news that Amy will be leaving the USA on Sept 11 (her birthday) and joining up with the Peace Corp to teach in Macedonia.  She is excited and ready for this.  Mom is excited for her, but I am going to miss her a lot.  I am going to have to start saving to visit her.  Life experiences grow us all and she has had a few hard ones since December but she is strong and I have not doubt in my mind that she is going to love exploring new places.

“A bit of magic. It’s easy. You think. You wink. You do a double blink. You close your eyes… And jump”.

~ A quote from the film Mary Poppins.

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5 Comments on “Project 10: February 2015: Same

  1. What a good sport your daughter is! Hoping she’s feeling better and how exciting that she is joining the Peace Corps!


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