Kocani, Macedonia

It’s Friday afternoon in Macedonia and we were doing a short trip to Kocani to explore the small town.

Vinica, Macedonia, Hiking to Vinicko Kale

Vinicko Kale is ruins found up on a hill above the city of Vinica in Macedonia. Today we headed up the hill to explore the ruins. Join me a I look at the history and allow my imagination the freedom to dream.

Macedonia: Vinica

July 2022 saw us visiting Macedonia. This was a chance to meet our son-in-laws family, to celebrate our children’s marriage and to learn more about the family members, culture; history of the country and to be tourists after being grounded for 4 years. Join us on our 2 week stay in Macedonia.

Share Six: August 2022: Travel

Travel opens your eyes to more than just your living space. Travel expands boundaries, bring understanding to differences, makes new friends, and gives me a new appreciation for the world I have not visited. Join me for a whirlwind snapshot tour of our trip to North Macedonia.

May 2021: Naples Botanical Gardens: Part 7

I walked in the Garden of Eden and found the serpent. Oh yes, I did. Join me today in my garden of Eden and my last post at the Naples Botanical Garden.

May 2021: Naples Botanical Gardens: Part 5

Today we are walking through some interesting statue gardens along the way to the Asian Gardens. Join my along the way.

May 2021: Naples Botanical Gardens: Part 2

Walking through the Naples Botanical Gardens, we left the Caribbean Gardens and made our way towards the Florida Gardens. Walk with me along the way.

May 2021: Naples Botanical Gardens Part 3

A 2 night break away to the West Coast of Florida was just what the doctor ordered. Walking through the Naples Botanical Gardens was what I needed to soothe my soul.

Tell me a story: May 2021

Day 2 and we have begun our day with a walk through the beautiful Naples Botanical Gardens. It is serene and comforting for the soul. Enjoy the walk

30 Minutes in the Life: May 2021

Life is precious, we can’t count our days, make the most of it. Get our there, do things you may enjoy, embrace what life has for you, because you do not know what tomorrow may bring.