Featured 2016


March 2016

Winner of the Travel Section:  Seattle Space Needle

Using the lensbaby sweet 35 on the Seattle Space Needle

Using the lensbaby sweet 35 on the Seattle Space Needle


By He{Art} Week 15 Featured

April 2016

Sharleen N. Stuart Photography
There is something wonderful about this skyscraper image that draws me in each and every time I look at it. At first it was the sheer vastness of the building and then the focus & perspective of how she chose to shoot it. For all of these reasons and more I love this image. Awesome work, Sharleen.

From the outside looking up.

Beyond the Wanderlust

Cities in Color:  Green:  Seattle Ferris Wheel

April 2016

Cities in Color: Green: Seattle Ferris Wheel at Dusk.

By He{Art) Week 17 Featured

April 2016

I simply adore bugs! Well, dragonflies in particular, are one of my absolute favourites. There is something magical about them. It just might be the way their wings sparkle and shine in the sunlight as if touched by some sort of magic beyond this world. So, you can imagine my joy when I saw this stunning capture of Sharleen’s! I love the way she framed this, and how she captured the amazing details. The blue green bokeh accentuates the gorgeous and unique turquoise head of the dragonfly so beautifully. This is one of those images that you could see end up in a calendar. Awesome work, Sharleen!

Walking in the wetlands

Lensbaby Love


June 2016

Practicing with the Lensbaby Sweet 35

By {Heart} Week 24 Featured

June 2016

Sharleen N Stuart Photography
This image of Sharleen’s literally topped me in my tracks. The detail is exquisite. The shimmering water drops and beautiful light bokeh are just stunning. Gorgeous macro, Sharleen!

Water drops


August 2016

Enjoying the final rays


By {Heart} 


Bainbridge Island - color within the gray day

Bainbridge Island – color within the gray day.

By {Heart} 

Week 42 & 43 Featured

Sharleen is one of the absolute masters of wild bird photography. Here she has captured a sweet little fellow on a branch. He is well detailed and sharp. Your eye is instantly drawn to him. The black and white edit just add to the perfect simplicity of this beautiful capture. Love it!

Johnathon Dickinson State Park: October 15, 2016 3839

By {Heart}

Week 45 Featured

One word YES!!! Less is definitely more! Sharleen has totally captured the simple beauty of a fallen leaf. The focus is just perfect for the us the viewer. It is truly all about the leaf in all of it’s fall splendour. The bright bold red with the little orange trim. This is a little leaf’s final hurrah. Simply perfect, Sharleen!  ❤


By {Heart}

Week 47

I absolutely love what Sharleen does with her “Twist’. This is a stunning piece, the tones and that glorious bokeh…WOW! Fabulous image. ❤

A.R.M Loxahatchee National Park: November 4, 2016 4161

By {Heart}


Instagram Feature

Christmas Party: December 13, 2016 4855

By {Heart}

Let’s do 52  The end of 2016

The moment I saw Sharleen’s silhouette of her daughter at sunset it simply stopped me in my tracks. As a photographer and mother this image spoke right to my heart. Here we have Sharleen’s daughter capturing the sunset while her mother hidden from  the scenes captures her. This image simply exudes love and connection both with the subject and nature itself. Absolutely stunning, Sharleen!

Curry Hammock State Park: December 20-22, 2016: 5178