Share Six: May 6, 2023: Shooting Through

The theme for Share Six for May is {Shooting Through}. It was a challenge for me but I am glad to say I came up with a few ideas.

Share Six: April 2023: Macro

It’s April 6 and Share Six is live again. This month our theme is {Macro}. Come join us as we follow the circle link to see what all the other artists have to share.

Share Six: March 2023: Double Exposure 2023

{Double Exposure} is the theme for Share Six for March. It was a lot of fun, a learning curve and constantly replaying my tutorials but I got there in the end. Join us as we share our take on the theme Double Exposure.

Share Six: February 2023: ICM

It’s 2023 and Share Six wants to take on a bit of a learning curve this year. We want to challenge ourselves to try different styles of photography. This month we are all attempting intentional camera movement. Join me as we see what each person has come up with.

Share Six: January 2023: New Beginnings

New Beginnings is our theme and I combined my new years wishes with a trip to the Miami Seaquarium. Join us for this months Share Six blog.

Share Six: December 2022: Color

Color surrounds us in every avenue of our lives whether it is a physical color or even a feeling. Join Share Six this month as they explore the topic {Color}

Share Six: November 2022: Nature

{Nature} is the theme for Share Six for the month of November. I love to walk in the wetlands and this is an opportunity to have time with my baby boy and enjoy nature.

Share Six: October 2022: Moody

{Moody} is the theme for Share Six for October. Between the death of a friend and the incoming hurricane, my mood has been one of reflective moodiness. Join us as the blog contributors navigate their take on {Moody}

Share Six: September 2022: Intentional

Share Six is up on the blog and the theme is {Intentional}. I was intentional about looking around me as we walked to Vinicko Kale, Neolithic ruins on the hill above Vinica in Macedonia.

Share Six: August 2022: Travel

Travel opens your eyes to more than just your living space. Travel expands boundaries, bring understanding to differences, makes new friends, and gives me a new appreciation for the world I have not visited. Join me for a whirlwind snapshot tour of our trip to North Macedonia.