Share Six: July 2021: Summer Sun

Summer days are those days we pack the suitcases and head out on the road. Join the team of Share Six as they share what their summer days look like.

Share Six: June 2021: Negative Space

The theme this month for Share Six is {Negative Space} and I have taken flora photo’s in various locations to capture this theme.

Share Six: May 2021: Light Inspired

Walking in the wetlands is the opportunity to get out enjoy nature and to decompress. This time I was looking for pockets of light.

Share Six: April 2021: Growth

Growth is something that happens in life whether we are ready for it or not. Join us at Share Six to see how each contributor has viewed this theme

Share Six: March 2021: Frozen

When the theme is {Frozen} and you are living in the south you have to think outside the box, I came up with a few non alcoholic frozen drinks with lots of crushed ice. Join us for the Share Six frozen theme.

Share Six: February 2021: Silver Lining

There is a {Silver Lining} to living down south, when the north is like a freezing tundra. The beach and the Wolf Moon were calling me.

Share Six: January 2021: Details

Shallow depth of field is one of my favorite ways to shoot and the theme for Share Six is {Details}. I took a walk along the boardwalk ….

Share Six: December 2020: Story Telling

If you have not visited Crane Creek Vineyard, in Young Harris, Georgia, I would encourage you to do so. The visit will refresh your soul and entice your pallet..

Share Six: November 2020: Traditions

Traditions was a challenging theme for me… I could only think of one….and that was Christmas. Heading on vacation made me think of something we had done for years with the kids – board games.

Share Six: October 2020: Books

Books are old friends, they allow me to escape. I love to turn pages and smell a book. Books make me happy.