Share Six: June 2022: Light

30 Minutes in the Life is live and the theme this month is {Light}. I looked for the different kinds of light I have come across recently.

Share Six: May 2022: Flat Lay

The idea of doing a Flat Lay is a new idea to me, but I was so impressed with our Guest Feature recently that I decided to challenge the team to attempt this concept for the month of May. Join us as we share our attempts.

Share Six: April 2022: Joy

The birth of a child is a happy occasion, watching them grow brings pure {Joy} to my life. Share Six’s theme this month is {Joy} Join us as we share our thoughts on the topic {Joy}

Share Six: March 2022: Revive

The theme for Share Six is Revive. I took a look at what revives me. Don’t forget to see what revives the rest of the blog group.

Share Six: February 2022: Pets

The theme this month for Share Six is {Pets}. Pets make me happy. I love having them in our home. They bring such comfort when one is not well or unhappy. Join us this month as we celebrate our closest friends in our lives.

Share Six: January 2022: Abstract_22

Abstract is one of my favorite genre of art. Abstracts grace my walls in my home. For this months theme, I looked at abstracts in nature.

Share Six: December 2021: Autumnal

If you are looking for something to do while in Tampa, check out a winery that not only makes wines on site but beers as well. This months blog we look at the theme {Autumnal} which fitted perfectly with the vineyard.

Share Six: November 2021: transform

If I have to think back to one of my collectable moments, clowns rate really high in there. Books are probably first, but clowns come in a close second. Tis month’s Share Six is {Transform} and clowns easily transform a sad face of one of happiness and laughter.

Share Six: October 6 2021: Documentary

Share Six is live and this month we are talking documentary. I chose to document the last weeks of my daughters pregnancy in an underwater maternity shoot.

Share Six: September 2021: Quote

It was time to get on the road again, and Share Six quote for the month was a perfect fit us need to get away folk.