Share Six: January 2021: Details

Shallow depth of field is one of my favorite ways to shoot and the theme for Share Six is {Details}. I took a walk along the boardwalk ….

Share Six: December 2020: Story Telling

If you have not visited Crane Creek Vineyard, in Young Harris, Georgia, I would encourage you to do so. The visit will refresh your soul and entice your pallet..

Share Six: November 2020: Traditions

Traditions was a challenging theme for me… I could only think of one….and that was Christmas. Heading on vacation made me think of something we had done for years with the kids – board games.

Share Six: October 2020: Books

Books are old friends, they allow me to escape. I love to turn pages and smell a book. Books make me happy.

Share Six: September 2020: Colors

Colors is the theme this month at Share Six and I looked at the art of painting, or rather what you need to complete some artwork

share six: august 2020: refresh

Refreshing in these current times is challenging and Share Six has looked at the way we have chosen to refresh…….

Share Six: July 2020: New

What is {New} … recently we had our kitchen renovated. It was an interesting journey…

Share Six: June 2020: Ordinary to extraordinary

The challenge this month is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Hopefully is have managed to complete the task….

Share Six: May 2020: Simplicity

How does it get to be May already?  Half our year has gone and we are sitting at home watching it go by.  I hope you are all surviving the stay at home period.  This month Lynne chose the theme {Simplicity} and that works for me. On my last trip to the grocery store to get bread and milk, I bought some tulips.  They…

Share Six: April 2020: Imperfection

This month Ceri  of Ceri Herd Photography chose the theme {Imperfection}.   The dictionary says that imperfection is the state of being faulty or incomplete. I love fresh flowers.   Flowers make me happy.  I love the vibrant colors, the smells, the perfection of new flowers.  Flowers bring a smile to my face and this is definitely one of my love languages What I don’t love…