Share Six: January 2023: New Beginnings

New Beginnings is our theme and I combined my new years wishes with a trip to the Miami Seaquarium. Join us for this months Share Six blog.

Share Six: December 2022: Color

Color surrounds us in every avenue of our lives whether it is a physical color or even a feeling. Join Share Six this month as they explore the topic {Color}

Share Six: November 2022: Nature

{Nature} is the theme for Share Six for the month of November. I love to walk in the wetlands and this is an opportunity to have time with my baby boy and enjoy nature.

Share Six: October 2022: Moody

{Moody} is the theme for Share Six for October. Between the death of a friend and the incoming hurricane, my mood has been one of reflective moodiness. Join us as the blog contributors navigate their take on {Moody}

Share Six: September 2022: Intentional

Share Six is up on the blog and the theme is {Intentional}. I was intentional about looking around me as we walked to Vinicko Kale, Neolithic ruins on the hill above Vinica in Macedonia.

Share Six: August 2022: Travel

Travel opens your eyes to more than just your living space. Travel expands boundaries, bring understanding to differences, makes new friends, and gives me a new appreciation for the world I have not visited. Join me for a whirlwind snapshot tour of our trip to North Macedonia.

Share Six: July 2022: All about today

Share Six is live and the theme is {All about today}. I loved the opportunity to photography our new grandson for this theme.

Share Six: June 2022: Light

30 Minutes in the Life is live and the theme this month is {Light}. I looked for the different kinds of light I have come across recently.

Share Six: May 2022: Flat Lay

The idea of doing a Flat Lay is a new idea to me, but I was so impressed with our Guest Feature recently that I decided to challenge the team to attempt this concept for the month of May. Join us as we share our attempts.

Share Six: April 2022: Joy

The birth of a child is a happy occasion, watching them grow brings pure {Joy} to my life. Share Six’s theme this month is {Joy} Join us as we share our thoughts on the topic {Joy}