10000 Islands Boat Tour: Dolphins

We’re in the 10 000 islands and there is nothing nicer to see than dolphin playing in the wake of the boat.

May 2021: Naples Botanical Gardens: Part 6

Today’s walk in the garden is about the silly moments that just break the stress and ease the heart. Have a little bit of fun with us.

May 2021: Naples botanical Garden: Part 4

Join me today as we walk through another section of the Naples Botanical Gardens. It’s beauty and variety is amazing and I loved every minute of being there.

30 minutes in the Life: August 2020

And so the year goes on. A few more weeks and we will be back to the birthday months and they run back to back, September, October and November. Who plans like that? Me I guess. Another month of working from home, and seeing so few people. Lots more zoom calls, and relying on the television to show us what is happening in the…

Tell Me a story: June 2020

Seeking night skies during the Saharan Dust storm in south Florida…

30 Minutes in the Life: May 2020

Escaping the past 2 months we headed out to the Everglades to watch the sun set….

Share Six: September 2019: Gold

It’s September 6 and it is a bitter sweet day for me.  Bitter because my piece of gold is not with me, and sweet because the memories do not go away.  Happy birthday Mom, you are my piece of gold and I love all those sweet memories that I carry in my heart. Hello and thank you for indulging me my moment of memories. …

Tell me a Story: July 2019

I will start out by saying Happy Summer and advise you that this is going to be a long post.  I’m sorry but this place warrants it, for me.  As you will recall were were in San Antonio in April and I wanted to share this day before moving on to New York blogs. The last day in San Antonio, I managed to convince…

Tell me a Story: April 2019: The Alamo

If you did not catch yesterdays post, we are in San Antonio.  My brother is in town and we are catching up once again.  It’s Wednesday and we are up bright and early.  Or rather once my brother left for the convention center.  Today we are heading to the Alamo. The Riverwalk has a single canal that goes off of the U, and that…