Share Six: December 2021: Autumnal

If you are looking for something to do while in Tampa, check out a winery that not only makes wines on site but beers as well. This months blog we look at the theme {Autumnal} which fitted perfectly with the vineyard.

Share Six: November 2021: transform

If I have to think back to one of my collectable moments, clowns rate really high in there. Books are probably first, but clowns come in a close second. Tis month’s Share Six is {Transform} and clowns easily transform a sad face of one of happiness and laughter.

30 Minutes in the Life: October 2021

The day in the life of a flowering Southern Magnolia bud is short lived but the beauty is undeniable.

Share Six: September 2021: Quote

It was time to get on the road again, and Share Six quote for the month was a perfect fit us need to get away folk.

10000 Islands Boat Tour: Dolphins

We’re in the 10 000 islands and there is nothing nicer to see than dolphin playing in the wake of the boat.

May 2021: Naples Botanical Gardens: Part 6

Today’s walk in the garden is about the silly moments that just break the stress and ease the heart. Have a little bit of fun with us.

May 2021: Naples botanical Garden: Part 4

Join me today as we walk through another section of the Naples Botanical Gardens. It’s beauty and variety is amazing and I loved every minute of being there.

30 minutes in the Life: August 2020

And so the year goes on. A few more weeks and we will be back to the birthday months and they run back to back, September, October and November. Who plans like that? Me I guess. Another month of working from home, and seeing so few people. Lots more zoom calls, and relying on the television to show us what is happening in the…

Tell Me a story: June 2020

Seeking night skies during the Saharan Dust storm in south Florida…

30 Minutes in the Life: May 2020

Escaping the past 2 months we headed out to the Everglades to watch the sun set….