Tell me a story: December 2021

It’s time for me to stop hibernating and to get out and enjoy fresh air, the beautiful weather, and the natural gift of wild life that Florida has to offer.

Tell me a Story: November 2021

When I discovered I was going to Tampa on vacation, I knew I wanted to go to the Salvador Dali museum. Two reasons – I love his abstract art and I had seen images of the architectural structure of the building. It did not disappoint.

Tell me a Story: October 2021

It’s a holiday and a chance to take a short walk in the wetlands. I am breathing deeply, reflecting on gratitude and thanking the Lord of creation for the safe delivery of our new grandson.

Tell me a Story: September 2021

Walking in the wetlands in the middle of a hot, humid day, I was surprised to find a number of birds hanging out. Please Join me for this months Tell me a Story.

Tell me a story: August 2021

Walking off breakfast in the wetlands is always a good way to get rid of the guilt of eating out and a way to get your exercise in and peace in your soul. Good combination for me.

Tell me a Story: July 2021

Walking in the wetlands soothes my soul, and these past months I have really needed it. Join me as I meander through and enjoy the incredible life that I found there.

10000 Islands Boat Tour: Dolphins

We’re in the 10 000 islands and there is nothing nicer to see than dolphin playing in the wake of the boat.

Tell me a story: May 2021

Day 2 and we have begun our day with a walk through the beautiful Naples Botanical Gardens. It is serene and comforting for the soul. Enjoy the walk

Tell me a Story: April 2021

Walking in the wetlands soothes my soul, despite the heat that we get down in South Florida.

Tell me a Story: March 2021

Pelicans are fun to watch when they are stealing bits of bait from the fishermen. Join me as I documented a short visit to the fishing pier.