Tell me a Story: September 2021

Walking in the wetlands in the middle of a hot, humid day, I was surprised to find a number of birds hanging out. Please Join me for this months Tell me a Story.

Tell me a story: August 2021

Walking off breakfast in the wetlands is always a good way to get rid of the guilt of eating out and a way to get your exercise in and peace in your soul. Good combination for me.

Tell me a Story: July 2021

Walking in the wetlands soothes my soul, and these past months I have really needed it. Join me as I meander through and enjoy the incredible life that I found there.

10000 Islands Boat Tour: Dolphins

We’re in the 10 000 islands and there is nothing nicer to see than dolphin playing in the wake of the boat.

Tell me a story: May 2021

Day 2 and we have begun our day with a walk through the beautiful Naples Botanical Gardens. It is serene and comforting for the soul. Enjoy the walk

Tell me a Story: April 2021

Walking in the wetlands soothes my soul, despite the heat that we get down in South Florida.

Tell me a Story: March 2021

Pelicans are fun to watch when they are stealing bits of bait from the fishermen. Join me as I documented a short visit to the fishing pier.

Tell me a story: February 2021

If you love graffiti and you have not visited Wynwood walls, take a look at my blog to see some of the incredible artwork you will find if you walk through this neighborhood.

Tell Me a Story: January 2021

Walking in the wetlands has become a ritual for me. I like to get out on my 1 day off and enjoy the fresh air and there is no better place for me to do it than the wetlands.

Tell me a Story: December 2020

2020 is on it’s way out and I am very happy, however, looking back I have a lot to be grateful for despite all the restrictions