Tell me a story: February 2021

If you love graffiti and you have not visited Wynwood walls, take a look at my blog to see some of the incredible artwork you will find if you walk through this neighborhood.

Tell Me a Story: January 2021

Walking in the wetlands has become a ritual for me. I like to get out on my 1 day off and enjoy the fresh air and there is no better place for me to do it than the wetlands.

Tell me a Story: December 2020

2020 is on it’s way out and I am very happy, however, looking back I have a lot to be grateful for despite all the restrictions

Tell me a Story: November 2020

I took the beast out for a walk today in the wetlands and was excited to see some of the local birds, plants and alligator…

Tell me a Story: October 2020

A walk in the wetlands, away from the tv and the news, really restores my soul right now…

Tell Me A Story: September 2020

Somedays you just need to get outside and today was a macro day…

tell me a story: August 2020

Getting away for a weekend certainly refreshes my soul…

Tell me a story: July 2020

Sometimes, while we are stuck at home, we want to head outside and just enjoy the beauty of creation. It will get us through the tough days….

Tell Me a story: June 2020

Seeking night skies during the Saharan Dust storm in south Florida…

Tell me a story: June 2020: The High Line

We are stuck in the early stages of opening up with the Phase One of the Covid-19 pandemic. I have not been out, other than to the local grocery store, and obviously I have not been taking photo’s. So I revisited unedited images from our trip to New York City last June. While I am talking New York City and pandemic, my heart goes…