30 Minutes in the Life: November 2020

I purchased a new camera lens, then I took “The Beast” for a walk. I have to love this new addition….

30 Minutes in the Life: October 2020

Dragonflies are the coolest creatures created and I went searching for them in the wetlands.

30 Minutes in the Life: September 2020

While the cat was visiting the vet, I took a ride to the park to visit with some Burrowing Owls ……

30 Minutes in the Life: July 2020

Mist always creates a sense of mystique and for me I love to edit in black and white…

30 Minutes in the Life: June 2020

Covid has changed our lives. For me it is all about working from home….

30 Minutes in the Life: May 2020

Escaping the past 2 months we headed out to the Everglades to watch the sun set….

30 Minutes in the Life: April 2020

In the 2020….. (How does the song go “In the year 2525, if man is still alive If woman can survive ~ Zager, Evens”).  Earlier today I saw someone added an “in the year 2020…” a Facebook post with the idea that this would come up in their memories. So what does Corona Virus Stay at home look like for you?  For me, it…

30 Minutes in the Life: March 2020

It is 30 Minutes in the Life, and if you are wondering, my 30 Minutes was not at the beach.  Since March 13, I feel like I have been on a 25 hour call.  Why? My real job is working with Policies & Procedures, Written Plans, Quality Control, training, and such other things that may be assigned, for Medical Clinics.  And yes, we are…

30 Minutes in the Life: February 2020

If you are heading to Maine, take a bit of time to visit Ogunquit, found on the southern coast of Maine.  Lying between the Ogunquit River and the Atlantic Ocean, Ogunquit Beach is a long, sandy peninsula with grassy dunes.  There are also cliff walks with coastal view While in town, take some time to look up the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.  I…