30 Minutes in the Life: April 2022

For my 30 Minutes in the Life I have chosen to highlight an awesome staff retreat we had this past week. Definitely take some time to check out what we got up to at Board & Brush.

30 Minutes in the Life: March 2022

When you want to introduce your little bit of Irish heritage to your grandson you take him to his first St Patrick’s Day Parade.

30 minutes in the life: February 2022

30 Minutes in the Life is live, and I took time out for a “happy moment in time” where I could pull out my camera and record the beauty of the setting sun.

30 Minutes in the Life: January 2022

I need to start the new year on a positive note and to soothe my soul. The best way for me to do it is to get out in nature and experience the beauty of creation that man has been given to enjoy. Join me for the 30 minutes in the life blog circle.

30 Minutes in the Life: October 2021

The day in the life of a flowering Southern Magnolia bud is short lived but the beauty is undeniable.

30 Minutes in the Life: September 2021

Walking in the wetlands, I love to encounter dragonfly. The are probably my favorite critter to photograph, there is only one small problem, they do not sit still and so patience is needed and my stay in the hot sun can be lengthy.

30 Minutes in the Life: August 2021

When you are asked to create a fancy baby shower, you do your very best to meet those requests. From the thank you I received I believe I did that.

30 Minutes in the Life: July 2021

Today we spent some time shelling on Marco Island. The pristine white beaches are something to behold and it was a first time for me walking along this waters edge.

30 Minutes in the Life: Cape Romano Dome House: Marco Island

Today we head out to the Romano Dome House or what is left of it. The hurricanes and the rising ocean leave have left what was once a beautiful house, into 4 abandoned domes in the middle of the water.

30 Minutes in the Life: May 2021

Life is precious, we can’t count our days, make the most of it. Get our there, do things you may enjoy, embrace what life has for you, because you do not know what tomorrow may bring.