30 Minutes In The Life: April 2023

This has been an interesting week. It has been a time of reflection. Two close friends brothers died this past week. A dear friend from one of my study groups lost her husband this week as well. It makes me so grateful to know that I am still alive to see the sun come up and go down each day. I am especially grateful now that we have a toddler in our lives. Luka is our grandson, and I pray that we are around to see a lot more sunrises and sunsets so that we can immerse ourselves in his little life. Time flies and before we know it, he will be a teenager. My friends grandson turned 9 yesterday and it feels like he was a toddler just the other day.

So Saturday I needed to get some sunsets for a project I was working on. (look for it at the end). However, Luka was having a sleepover and so I asked Richard to come along with me so that he could watch him while I photographed the sunset. He ran all over the place and was a sweaty child by the time we left. We had to have another bath when we got home.

It was good to see them both out and about. As I talk about gratitude. I am so grateful that Richard has recovered so well from his melanoma scare. Two and a half years of immunotherapy and he is doing well. I am so glad he is around to pour into this little guys life. Oh I know the picture is not perfect but it is hard to catch a moving child in the dark when your settings are on the sunset.

That said I was there to catch the sunset. I needed to get my creative project done by midnight Sunday. The theme for the project was Dreamscapes and I had to use images taken during the week. Dreamscapes is not my idea of an easy task. I managed to capture Luka sleeping on Friday, and then I combined the image with two of these sunset images. Pulled birds from another image, and threw in a moon just to finish it off. More about that later in the blog.

The sunset was stunning and there was enough cloud to make it more interesting.

The theme Dreamscape was a challenge for me. As I mentioned there are a number of layers to the composite. First I create the swirls using three different sunset images and manipulating them in photoshop. Then I added Luka sleeping. After that I added the birds and cleaned up around each one of them. Lastly I added the moon.

I tried to create a composite of light and dark with the purple reflecting the rem stage. The moon is still out but the orange of the sun is starting to come out and the dark is starting to fade. That twilight zone. Quite often Luka will laugh while he is asleep or smile. I often wonder what he is thinking about.

Going back to my opening paragraph. We are not guaranteed to see the sun come up or the sun set. If you have not told your loved ones that you love them, now (sooner rather than later) is the time to do so.

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