Tell me a story: March 2019

Epcot by night, that was my goal.  There was a stage show I wanted to see and the fireworks display was a must.  That said we had walked Epcot all day.  My son and daughter-in-law had left as she was struggling with fatigue as a result of psoriatic arthritis which leaves her struggling in pain.  The rest of us were pretty tired as well.  So we decided to head back to the hotel for an hour or two and then go back out in the evening to watch the show and the fireworks.  My images today are from both the music and the fireworks events.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3144Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3147Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3148Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3150Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3155Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3156Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3165Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3166Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3168Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3173Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3175Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3181Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3192Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3201Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3207Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3213Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3217Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3227Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3234Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3249Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019:Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3268Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3284Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3293Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3333Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3337Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019:  3364

I hope you enjoyed my walk with me. The park is a beautiful outing, the nature is gorgeous and it gets me out the house.

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30 Minutes in the Life: March 2019

While the opportunity is still available, I like to try and spend time with my brother when he visits the USA.  He’s been a bit of a frequent flyer the past couple of years, but will stop soon.  We were fortunate to have him come through in December just in time for Amy’s wedding.  It was perfect to be able to have family with us on that day.

Then this past March he flew back for a big conference.  Next month he will be in San Antonio.  Not sure if I will get to spend time with him on that trip as I have been out sick for the past 2 weeks.

However, he had one day free with this March trip and it so happened that it was Amy’s husbands birthday on that day.  So as a family we all did a trip to Epcot.  We stayed up there 2 nights and got to spend the whole day walking around Epcot.  And yes I survived but my feet ached by the end of the day.  Down side is that I picked up a flu bug and it just flattened me.  I have been exhausted and tired and coughing for 2 weeks now and have just managed to pull together a few images for this blog.  We chose Epcot because it had the Flower event on in March.  And that aside I am not a big thrill rider so at least it had something of interest for me.

Here are some images from the day spent at Epcot.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 2914

The flower show was as usual spectacular and I loved seeing all the Disney characters

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 2919

Bees are such an integral part of the life’s survival.  It is so important to continue to protect the bees in our communities.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 2921

The gardens were colorful and beautiful.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 2938

This display featured the junk that is found washed ashore or in our rivers.  We are dealing with a major crisis with the junk that is polluting our rivers and oceans.  We can take a stand and make a difference.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 2971

I love sea horses and looking at these tanks reminds me of our scuba diving days in Mozambique, where the reefs are beyond beautiful and the color is so bright.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 2982

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3009

Of course we went looking for Dory and Nemo while we were there.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3011

Cars in flowers. Just got to love it.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3046

We moved on to visiting the countries and this one was taken in Mexico.  The place was super busy.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3085

A Chinese dragon with a very interesting dragon face.  China had a display of the different creatures your birth sign falls under.  I am apparently a Tiger,  sensitive, emotional and capable of great love.  On the flip side I was also labeled stubborn, hothead and rebel.  So watch out for me.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3181

The amphitheater had Steve Aguirre from the band Journey playing music that week and so we made a point of stopping by.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3175

Apparently I must have listened to Journey’s music because I knew most of the songs.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3217

After walking back to the hotel and taking a breather, we caught the boat back to the park to watch the fireworks.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3284

It was a pretty impressive display and at the end we head back to the ferry boat to catch a ride back to the hotel.  Unfortunately we all packed up and left the next morning, the family back to South Florida and my brother on his long journey home to South Africa.

I am one of those people that can give and take on the theme parks.  To be honest I did Epcot 8 years ago and I can probably wait another 8 years.  That said it was good to be with my brother and have the whole family together for a change.  It was definitely a long and tiring day.

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Share Six: March 2019: Food

Ah, food.  I do enjoy eating food, but I realized I really do not like taking food images.  I lack imagination in this department.   So yes this months theme is {Food} and honestly I am stretching myself here just trying to find 6 images on the topic {Food}.

Recently my son, partnered up with a pastor and 2 other folk to start a new church in a nearby area, so I have been going down to the church on Sundays to help out with the creative side of things doing photographs.  The church wants you to feel welcome and so there is always coffee and something edible.  This particular day it was donuts.  Further down you will see some pastries.  To be honest – I was happy to photograph them but I am doing my best to stay away from these tempting delights.

Legacy Church 2019:  February 3, 2019:

Banquets are a fun place to photograph food, and this green starter was amazing.  Cucumber strips to form a bowl, with greens and walnuts and roasted onion, and a tiny bit of blue cheese really tasted good.

First Care Banquet:  November 6, 2018: 9427

Here are the very edible pastries that you can find at the new church.

Legacy Church 2019:  March 3, 2019: 2659

Another banquet plate.  Chicken seems to be the go-to for banquets.  This particular meal was lemon chicken with capers, roasted baby potatoes and fingerling vegetables.  For chicken it was definitely pleasing to the taste buds.

First Care Banquet:  November 6, 2018: 9505

This was my attempt at photographing my Strawberry Walnut Salad with a balsamic vinaigrette and honey dressing. I had planned to shoot individually and then the end result.   Clearly the strawberries were as creative as I could get.

Food:  March 2, 2019: 2549

Last in line was this hamburger taken at my daughters wedding.  They opted for a beach lunch with the choices of calamari and wings as the starters, a spicy chicken flatbread, salmon on a bed of rice with asparagus, or a beef burger with fries.  Dessert was a key lime pie.  The food was great and I was glad I did not have to do anything other than pay the bill.


So now that I have successfully managed to make myself hungry, I need to go and have some dinner.  Tonight’s menu with a vegetable pasta sauce and rice.  Hits the hungry spot 🙂

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