Sharetographers: July 2015: Smooth

Sharetographers topic this month is smooth and for most of the group summer has been happening.  We have had guests from out of country and life has been a little hectic.  We have 24 days to my son getting married and about double that before my daughter leaves to join the Peace Corp and will be gone for at least 27 months.  Smooth probably is not what is happening now.

In the midst of all of that transition, we took a day at the beach with family who were in town from Australia, and it was great to chill and do nothing but float in the waves.  Did I say waves?  The water was smooth, reminded me of a pond, and attempting to use the paddle board as a surf board was a joke, but Amy gave it her best try.

I had a little point and shoot Cannon underwater camera and we went into the waves to play.

Here are my six images for the topic smooth.

Smooth waves

Attempting to get a partial under water and above water image.

Walking on smooth water

Walking on smooth water.  Amy gets the feel of what it is like to stand on a paddle board

Hanging out waiting to catch a wave.

Hanging out waiting to catch a wave.

Smooth waves with a paddle board as a surf board

The paddle board quickly becomes a  surf board but the water is like glass and not a lot was happening.

Just hanging out waiting for a wave.

Apparently surfing was not happening so she just floated in the waves for a while.

Smooth waves on a gorgeous beah day

Smooth waves on a gorgeous beah day

Take the rough with the smooth,

happy with the sad,

remember who you are,

and be grateful for what you have.


I am so very grateful for the family, they soothe my soul, bring calm in the disruption, and give me just a little taste of what home used to be like.  We are scattered across the continents and it looks like the scattering will go a little further when Amy leaves, but there is nothing that can replace family.  They are the very core of who you are.

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