Tell me a Story: August 2015: Noah E – welcome to the world

I am in a crazy place right now with a wedding looming and a daughter leaving.  I find myself wondering what it is going to like when my son moves out to be with his wife and my daughter is on a different continent.  It is no getting in a car and driving to Gainesville – this is some serious mileage to get to Macedonia.   It was just the other day that they were born, and just the other day that I thought, oh my gosh they are starting school, then we left South Africa and I found they were in middle school and then high school.  Time has flown and it seems like even though we packed so much into those years, time goes to quick.

I had the privilege of heading off to the hospital to visit with a new little man who has mad his way into the world.  Noah is the sweetest little guy and at 21 hours old he was so alert and frowning and when he did let out a cry, he had a pair of lungs.  To his parents, I would say, enjoy every moment of this little guy.  Time goes way too quickly and before you know it, he will be moving out.

Love him with the Godly love that you know so well.  Encourage him, guide him, make sure he knows the value of money, help him to process the right choices.  I have learnt that you cannot make them for you children, but be willing to give advice knowing that there is a good possibility that they will not take it.   Make sure that you are always a unified front.  If dad says no, mom you have got to support him.  You can tell him you disagree later.  These little people know the buttons to push.

I am so excited to follow your journey in life, thank you so much for including me in the last three big steps.   I wish you endless joy with this little man, love, laughter and happiness.

Here is my images of Noah, 21 hours after he entered the world.


Noah at just 21 hours old

Noah at just 21 hours old

Noah at just 21 hours old

Noah at just 21 hours old

Noah at just 21 hours old

Just 21 hours old

Just 21 hours old

Noah at just 21 hours old and his mama

Just 21 hours old


A child is the beauty of God present in the world – the greatest gift to a family

~ Mother Theresa

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10 Comments on “Tell me a Story: August 2015: Noah E – welcome to the world

  1. very true words Sharleen… time goes by so fast.. it seems as if your children are born, you blink and they have children of their own.. beautiful baby boy!


    • He is very sweet Sharon. But having had two move out of house this month, I am wondering where did time go. Did we have enough time to instill what we needed to share. Hopefully we got it right.


  2. Actually these brought back memories of my daughter as she had hair just like this, growing over her face and ears. He is just beautiful and it almost made me cry thinking how fast children DO grow up. We only wish the best for them and happiness. I hope I have made clear to my kids how happy and proud of them I am. I’m sure his parents will instill what I hoped to have instilled in mine.


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