Share Six: September 2016: Black and White

I have to confess that the theme this month of BLACK AND WHITE is one of my favorite mediums.  Katherine Cobert of Cobert Photography chose the theme for this reason.

I’ve always been partial to black and white…maybe because it’s an easy way to make a picture somewhat minimalism.  A black and white conversion seems to eliminate all of the distractions and puts the focus straight on your subject. It creates a pure and simple beauty ~ Katherine Cobert

I have quickly come to love black and white.  I find it very strong and defining.  Black and white tends to hide areas you don’t want to stand out.  Black and white is timeless.

Recently while on vacation in Seattle, I discovered I loved the strength and definition of the black and white images of street photography. Since I am still post surgery and not walking about, here are a few of my favorite black and white images.

I have seen this done, and thought I would try to attempt something similar. Books are a favorite part of my life and I could easily disappear into them. I am so looking forward to reading this book - "The girl in the spider web" which is the 4th bool in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

Books are probably the heart of my life, family and pets aside. I love books I love the feel of books, I love the smell of books, I love to see them in my library that I have in my home. Books are a familiar friend. I shot this image for the group 101 Ways to shoot the month the topic was books. Since I have been pretty bed bound the last 6 weeks, books have been my best friend.

Every so often I get the opportunity to go to a studio to do some portrait shots. This young girl was absolutely stunning.

When I left home this morning the fog was so thick that I could not resist taking this photo.

I was leaving home one winter morning heading out to the office and the day was so foggy. At the intersection I looked up and spotted this young boy walking to the bus stop. I could not resist taking this image.

_MG_2590 edit

In November 2015, I decided to purchase the Lensbaby Composer Pro with a Sweet 35 optic from a fellow artist who was selling it. This has probably been one of the best and relatively economical decisions I have made. I have no regrets and have loved the different images I have got with that combination. I have since bought the Soft Focus optic and the Twist Optic. This particular image was taken in the wetlands of a closed off area between to water areas. Very often you will see a gator lying in this area. What I love about this image is that I feel like I am in a speed tunnel.

Taking a break in the city

Black and white city scenes are timeless. While on vacation in Nashville I spotted this lady sitting on the edge of a building. What appealed to me was the quiet of this lady in a busy city street.

We woke up on the 3rd day to a vision of white. Darn cold outside Property of Sharleen N Stuart Photography - All rights reserved

We headed out to Denver on vacation knowing it would be cold but not expecting snow. Much to our surprise we woke up one morning to find the city blanketed in a layer of snow. Of course, we had to go out in the cold and experience some form of snowy winter.

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7 Comments on “Share Six: September 2016: Black and White

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  2. As always, Sharleen, your images are stunning! I love your B&W conversions, with each image taking on a different feel.


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