Share Six: August 2016: Minimalism

It’s August and I have now been stuck in bed for 3 weeks post foot surgery.  Knowing that I was going to have surgery, I prepared in advance for the topic Minimalism.  I chose the topic.  I wanted to be challenged a little to think outside of the box.  I read a quote recently that said:

 Minimalism:  It is not the lack of something.  It is the perfect amount of something.  

Valerie Jardin said  “It is a style that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity”.

For me less is more.  The key to creating amazing minimalist photos is Simplicity.  I love simplicity in my life.  I enjoy peace and quiet which is probably why I am drawn to the ocean so often and meandering through the wetlands and the Japanese Gardens.

I am dying to see what everyone else will shoot on this topic.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0146


Waterdrop in Silhouette


Paint container






While I was taking an image of a flower and Mockingbird flew onto the old orchid spikes and started "talking" to me. I think he wanted me to put food out but I am waiting for the ducks to come along.


In the end only three things matter, 

how much you loved;   how gently you lived; 

and how gracefully you let go of things that were not meant for you.

~ Buddha


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5 Comments on “Share Six: August 2016: Minimalism

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  2. I LOVE your interpretation of the Minimalism theme, Sharleen. Your definitions and qoutes on what minimalism is to you are so enlightening! And as always, the images you have chosen are wonderful.


  3. Great job with your photos! Maybe before the month is over I’ll have something to contribute. I especially like your creative photo.


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