Tell me a Story: July 2017

Recently when I visited the Butterfly World I got to see some stunning butterfly, along with the beautiful Passiflora plants.  One of the other aspects of the Butterfly World is it aviaries with a variety of birds.  Like some things in life,  walking in aviaries with birds can be messy, and the Lorikeets were the messiest of the lot.   I had to go and wash my shirt after I exited that cage.

Here are a few of the birds I got to see.

Sparkling Violet Ear Humingbird


Sparkling Violet Ear Hummingbird


Finch (Australian)


Finch (Australian)



Blue Black Grassquit (Brasil)



Budgies (Australia)


Budgies (Australia)


Lorikeets (New Guinea)


The beautiful Macaw


Red Legged Honeycreeper (S.Mexico – N. Boliva)


Canary (Canary Islands)


Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu (Africa)


Black-faced Dacnis (South America)


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