Tell me a Story: January 2019

It January and my story this month is about the new additions to our family.  Not mine, but Amy’s and Daniel’s.  So I guess that makes them grandkits.

At the end of November a friend sent a text to Amy and me asking with we wanted the little black and white cat.  She had found it crying in the parking lot.  The next day she texted again and she had found the rest of the litter, but no mom.  Of course, Amy had to have it and so Snow and Rory joined the family.

Amy had not moved into her apartment yet, Daniel had not arrived yet and she had to go to Philadelphia on business.  So guess who came to stay with me.  Much to my two’s disgust the kittens moved in.  They are pure delight, innocence and mischievousness all rolled into these two bundles of fur.

My tabby Simba, growled and hissed at them.  The gray and white cat, Mirrabelle, that came to stay temporary, and which never left, is not much older than a year was not quite sure what to do with them.   The first three pics are from the first visit, the rest are from the end of the year visit.  Oh and Snow is now Jon Snow as Amy discovered Snow was a he and not a she 🙂


These two siblings sleep like the ying and yang.


I was with them in my office one evening only to discover that they had both found my brief case and taken their turns to pose in it.


The both spent the evening exploring my office.

 One of the days I took them outside to do a photoshoot with them.

Rory:  October 28, 2018:  2077


Snow:  October 28, 2018: 2082


Rory:  October 27, 2018:  2078


The second visit they were a little braver.  Simba still hissed and growled and walked away disgusted.  Mirrabelle spent time attempting to corner them or play with them.  They quickly discovered that if they ran up the stairs they could peer over the railing and be safe.  They also liked to explore outside on the deck.  The one day they found a gap between the ferns and lay down and went to sleep.

Snow and Rory:  December 29, 2019: 0562


Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0541

Snow hanging out

Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0546

Rory exploring the flower bed

Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0551

Rory kind of tired

Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0556

Rory – I need to rest

Snow & Rory:  January 2019: 0567

Snow – me too.

These two are a real delight.  I don’t see them often enough but love it when I do.  Snow is kind of an attack cat.  He waits for Rory to be either below him or doing something else and then next thing he pounces.  Rory on the other hand takes a little while to figure things out but once he does he is a delight to watch.  I am so glad to have these guys as part of our lives.

This is a circle blog so take some time to check out Lupji of Lupji Photography’s blog and follow the links around all the blogs.   I don’t know about you but I love to see what is going on in the lives of our contributors.

2 Comments on “Tell me a Story: January 2019

  1. I love how you have captured the personalities of your sweet furry friends. We have always had a kitten/cat, and they make for great company.


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