30 Minutes in the Life: July 2019

30 Minutes of fireworks.  These were taken on the 4th July at a local park.  We had some friends visiting Florida and since it was their first 4th of July as US residents we decided to celebrate that with the fireworks.

This time of the year is mosquito time and I have to be honest I was dreading sitting outside in the humidity with mosquito’s feasting on me. I believe that mosquito’s think I am their food source.   So I put on a pair of jeans, sneakers and a short sleeved shirt and took a sweater.  Not fun being overdressed in the heat.

We found a spot on the edge of the lake and Richard and I friends walked around I watched the beautiful sunset.  Before we knew it, it was time for the fireworks and before you knew it 15 minutes later it was over.

The little girls behind us thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks and every time one explored we heard shrieks coming from them. I did not think they would have voices the following morning.

I tried different settings for these images, trying fast and slow.  Some I love and some were just okay.  Here are a few for this month’s blog.


Fireworkds:  July 4, 2019: 8006

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8018

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8033

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8042

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8044

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8060

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8109

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8115

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8164

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8192

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8497

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8499

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8514

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8535

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8532

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8544

Thank you for joining us for another month of 30 Minutes. Just a reminder that this is a circle blog.  We have a number of new ladies join the 30 minutes group, making us now 14 bloggers,  and so I would encourage you to take some time to visit my very talented friend Ivana from MaMagare KidzPhoto, and see what she has for you this month.  I am pretty  excited to learn more about these wonderful ladies from all over the world.  I would certainly encourage you to visit their pages.

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    • Thanks Janet. Fortunately they were not to bad. It’s always nice to watch the fireworks and we had a great spot this year.


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