Artists Inspired: January 2017: Gray

Tis months color theme for Artists Inspired is Gray, and we recently had a few gray days down at the beach.  I love the color gray.  It fits well into my winter colors of black, red & white.  I had a look at the meaning of colors and found this particular line that resonated with what I am going to share today.  It is a relief from a frenetic world. Composure and calm is what is felt through seeing this color.

I am all about finding peace and quiet.  My day job is busy and at times stressful, so I actively seek to find peace.  You will find me curled up with a book, walking in the wetlands, or relaxing on the beach.  All three settle my chaotic senses and give me calm.

This series of images was taken down at Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys.  We will often head down there for a 3 day weekend.  This year has been a little harder to get out due to my foot surgery but these of the kind of breaks that we like.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0765

Heading down into the Keys the day is overcast and breezy, but there is always that feel of letting go, as you pass through Miami.


Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0575

There a beautiful pier belonging to one of the houses that sits adjacent to the state park.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0347

I played around with my Lensbaby Sweet 35 optic very early morning to try and catch this boat bobbing in the water.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0800

As I sat there so the sky lightened and the sun rays radiated down towards the ocean.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0564

Another version of the boat bobbing in the water.  The lensbaby sweet 35 blur effect is one of my favorites.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0126

This was a different boat sitting in the water.  They had power instead of paddle.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0660

Sitting at the edge of the ocean and just enjoying the view.  This makes my worries just disappear.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0651

Life happens at the beach, and this was an early morning exercise walking through the water to get these rocks with the boat.  Don’t trip, don’t drop the camera was my mantra.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0567

This is perhaps one of my favorite images that I have shared before.  I love the stillness of the ocean and the peace and quiet of the morning.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016  0404

Of course, there was a tiny breeze and these little weeds certainly felt it.

Gray may be deemed dull and boring, but for me it is peaceful in a busy day.  It calms my soul.


The gray area,

the place between black and white –

That’s the place

where Life happens.

~ Justin Timberlake


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18 Comments on “Artists Inspired: January 2017: Gray

  1. Gorgeous images. I can always feel a place with your photos. I can imagine myself there. Those palm trees 💕💕💕


  2. So peaceful! A beautiful collection of images and wonderfully fitting interpretation of the theme, Sharleen ❤


  3. This line… It is a relief from a frenetic world. Oh how I adore it. I couldn’t have described it better myself. Gorgeous images and words, as usual!


  4. Sharleen these are gorgeous! I love how you interpret the grey with peace and calm, and I love the Timberlake quote. That’s perfect. I think the image with the gorgeous sun rays is my fave, but they are all so beautifully converted to this soft black and white! Love!


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