Share Six: January 2020: Macro

Welcome to 2020.  I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year and you are now ready to tackle this new year head on.  I just started back at the office today so that gets my year on the go.

Share Six chose the theme {Macro} this month and I know that this year Share Six is going to stretch us a bit more.  We are going to try and come up with themes that challenge a little bit.

So I love Macro.  I always wanted a lens and one day I saw that a photographer in a group that I was in was going to sell her lens.  I took a deep breath and decided to go for it.  It was not cheap even second hand, but I ended up having the Canon Macro 100mm in my hands not long after that.  It not a lens I use every day but every so often I will go out and play with it.  The macro lens is ideal for ring photography.  In this case both were beach engagement ring shots.

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 5375

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 9026


Macro lens are also fun to experiment with.  Today I went out into the garden and lay down in the grass.  Sadly Richard has been trying to kill the weeds.  He tells me that feeding the ducks is causing weeds.  I, however, am not happy about the ducks going without their food. I am in my happy place feeding the birds, the squirrel and any other critter that may stop by.

Back to Weeds – That is what I am looking for. There were not a lot in our garden that were still living but I did find a few tenacious strugglers (I think I just made up a word) that were not giving up without a fight.  One thing I have discovered over the years is that there is a whole world down in the grass.

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 9363

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 9369

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 9366

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 4815


I also realized that I have used my macro lens a lot more than I thought. Below are a few older images that I have taken with the macro lens.  In the image below I had gone out to the park just after it rained and the drops were still sitting on the top of the plant.

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 12-52

Another two rain image, this time taken in our back garden.  We have these variegated leaves of pink and green that creates a really nice effect when they are covered with water drops.  Sometimes I am lucky to get a reflection in the water drop.

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020:

Out on the back canal: June 4, 2017: 4388

The image below is definitely a favorite of my and it graces the screens of my work computers.  I loved that I was able to capture the ladybird in this image.

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020:

This is another out in the garden macro image of a tiny little bud.  I so enjoy seeing the details come to life within the image.

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020:


For the longest time I did not have a macro lens but I had a real desire to do macro photography.  I happened to come across a group in Flickr that talked about using a lens reversal ring to do macro. So what is lens reversal all about.  Think free lensing (which I am useless at) but the lens is actually attached to the camera via the reversal lens ring.  Just a little tip here.  Do not put the ring in to tight.  You will have a panic attack when it does not want to come out.  Your camera is not seeing that there is a lens attached, so you are focusing manually and what you are seeing in your camera, but I did love what I managed to capture with that method.  If you cannot afford a macro lens, but really want to do macro photography you can get the lens reversal ring for canon for $7.95 at B&H.  Google about it and then play if you can.  I know I did.  Below are a few shots taken using the lens reversal ring.  If you want to learn more about the ring check out this YouTube video.

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 3315

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 3553

Share Six: Macro Jan 2020: 4604

Macro is a fun topic and one that I have really enjoyed over the years.  This has been a great way to start off the year 2020.  I hope that you will all enjoy contributing as well.

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Tell Me a Story: June 2018

It’s time to blog and I am sitting without a computer so I have pulled up some photo’s from last year that I had edited but not posted.  Last year we did an impromptu trip to Maine.  I happened to be chatting to my work colleague about how I needed to use up some vacation time but really hated wasting vacation time on a staycation.  She told me she had a cottage in Maine that we were welcome to use.  Having never been to Maine we jumped at the opportunity.  We headed up late September.  The weather overall, except for our whale watching trip, was fantastic.  Not hot not too cold.  The whale watching trip was bitterly cold out on the ocean, and it was foggy.  We did not see whales, in fact we saw practically nothing.

If you read my blogs, you will know that when I travel I am a bit of a planner.  I see very little point in going somewhere blind.  Yes I know there is spontaneity in doing thing impulsively and I am game for that, but I also want to have some idea of what I want to see and have some kind of plan.  If we don’t get to see it, all fine well, if we do and it is on my list, I am super happy.  There is nothing worse for me arriving in a unknown place, as a co-pilot and trying to find where to go.  Don’t ever asking me to do Amazing Race.  GPS is my best friend.

On of the places on Richard’s list was to go up to Bar Harbor, and Arcadia National Park.

Here are a few of the images I have already edit.  When I get to the rest I will have to come back and share them.

As we meandered up the coast we pulled into little towns that appeared to have places of interest or we just thought we would mosey on through.

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 0013

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse was one of those places we decided to visit.  It turned out to be an interesting stop.  As we started to walk down to the lighthouse there was a group of volunteers handing out garbage bags.  They were asking visitors to do some cleaning up along their walk.   We did not walk all the way out to the light house.  I was still healing from foot surgery and long walks were still a bit of a struggle, but I did enjoy seeing the beautiful bay and watch the dogs playing in the waves.


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 0056

We stopped in another small town along the way and I loved seeing this older couple walking together along the edge of the water.  I hope someday that I will be able to do that as well.


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 0121

Arcadia National Park was stunning and I do not do it justice with this images.  They were edited for a particular purpose.  Hoever, I loved seeing the fall colors for the first time in my 18 years of living in the USA.  We hiked down through the trees to get to lower areas, and up through the trees to get to higher areas.


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 0161

From the top of the hill in the Arcadia National Park we looked down over Frenchman’s Bay.  On the edge of the photo is one of the very big cruise liners that we spotted in the bay.  While this spot look tranquil and maybe a bit lonely, it was honestly bustling with too many people.  I love those places were I can go out and enjoy the quiet and this was not one of those spots.


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachuttes:  September 2018: 0172

I made a new friend, or rather my lunch made a new friend, lol.  I am facinated by how big those birds grow up north.  Our gulls down south seem a lot smaller.  These guys parade around like they are in charge of the show.


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 0208

The parking was up the top, and we hiked down to a very beautiful rocky bay.   The walk was so pretty with it beautiful colored leaves all around you, and there was a coolness to the air that made the walk rather pleasant.

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachuttes:  September 2018: 0214

This is just one of the many bay images taken. At one point I was standing at the edge of the rocks looking down to try and capture the water rushing up into the gulley area.  The ebb and flo of the water had me thinking I may just go over the edge.  Quick step back


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 0268

One of the images I had seen while researching was a sunset at Jordans Pond.  Sadly we were not there at sunset, however, the area was beautful and I loved getting low down to get this image.  Just above this quiet spot, is a bustling restaurant, where you can sit outside and enjoy bar type food and beer.  We did take a bit of time to enjoy a cold one.


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018:

Bar Harbor was a quaint and bustling little town. We walked all over and I have to be honest, food wise this was probably my favorite meal – lobster tails and calamari.  Portsmouth came second with their lobster roll.  We only stayed one night, so early the next morning we rose before sunrise and headed down to the harbor area.  Watching the sun say hello to the day was special.  If you look in the background of the pic you will see the fog that we seemed to see a lot of on this partiular trip.


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 0418

We had two options on how to plan our day.  Explore more in the Arcadia National Park and then head home or explore the adjacent island and then home.  Given how touristy Arcadia was I suggested that we head to the next island and see what there was to see.  If I have to be honest, not too much.  This, however, turned out to be one of my favorite images, and one that placed relatively well in a competition I had entered it into.


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 0441

Southwest Harbor was nothing really to rush out to and beyond that it was mainly housing.  So that probably was not the best decision that I had made but you make choices and you live with it.  So we were back on the road and headed to Wells Beach.


Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 0536

Our last stopping point was at Orchard Beach.  When researching I found what looked like a very interesting pier.  Of course, finding parking was no fun, and my co-pilot was all ready to give up but we eventually foound a place to stop.  This was indeed an interesting pier, and while I was going for the silhouette look here when I edited, the pier is actually bright and colorful.  We walked through the pier to the very end where we took a break, rested our weary feet and cooled our throats.  Of course, we watched the locals swimming in the ocean and thinking that they were crazy, the water was freezing for these Floridians.

Hopefully by my next blog I will have a working computer, but who knows.  I pushed the button, hit send after a 3 hours self debate of was I ordering the right piece of equipment.  That said it is now ordered and along with that a 34 inch monitor, so I cannot wait to play.  I am just hoping that the tech guys will manage to transfer the data and images off my laptop, since I just realized that my San Antonio images were on there and I don’t think I have a disc with them on.  Bummer if they are all gone.

Thank you for joining me on this very quick and impromptu trip along the Maine coastline.  This is a circle blog so I would encourage you to visit my friend Mindy and see what she has for you this month.

Share Six: January 2017: Music

Hard to believe that it is 2017.  The past year just flew by. Katherine of Cobert Photography has chosen Music as the theme for January. Tough one for me.  I am not a musician, we have no musical instruments in the house and I have not been to any events recently where music was involved.  Unless I photograph Richard setting up his playlists for his phone to play through his new blue tooth speaker. There is nothing musical about that. However, I was reminded of an event we had a couple of years ago when I first started out taking photos.  So I pulled them up and went through a re-edit process.

One staff luncheon we were treated to a hour of musical delight. My work colleague and her husband are musicians.  Jane does a lot of “Elvis” cruises with a prominent cruise line, and Dave is a quiet soul, whom if you met him, would not make you think that he had this stunning voices that range from Elvis, to Nat King Cole, to Frank Sinatra, to my all time favorite UB40.  They also have a ministry of visiting the elderly and singing to them.  I love that this brings great joy not only to Dave and Jane but also those that they minister to.  Jane mentioned to me at the time that they do not have an opportunity to change their costumes, so they interchange with hats and sunglasses, scarves and such items.

Here is my share on the topic Music.  I look forward to seeing yours.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0246

They started off with an all time favorite of mine “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole. With the piano music starting out, almost big band in the background, add the smoothness of Dave’s voice and the pure joy on their faces and you know that you are in for a treat.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0252

Then moving on to “Fly me to the Moon”, by Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra., and I am reminded of the days when I pulled out my mother’s vinyl LP’s and enjoyed this type of music.  I loved the feeling of being brought just a little closer to my folks memories in that moment.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0275

“You’ll never find” by Lou Ralls has Dave’s voice dropping to a crooning and you are drawn into this jazzy style of music with a bit of an upbeat background.  Throw in a little bit of Stevie Wonder with this song “You are the sunshine of my life”, and your feet are tapping and your head is nodding, and the audience’s faces have lightened up and their smiles are beaming.  Looking at Dave and Jane, you can surely feel that this is what Dave is feeling.  Jane is in fact a bundle of sunshine, who will light up a room as she walks into it.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0350

The highlight of the day was when Jane picked up the saxophone and treated us to an amazing rendition of “Moonglow”  Wow!! Big Band and sax  – what can I say.  What a pleasure to listen to.  I knew she played the sax but it took my breath away.  She was amazing.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0362

One of my all time favorites was and Elvis Presley song.  I am really familiar with it sung by UB40.  “I can’t help falling in love with you”  With the deep voice of Elvis, add the sunglasses and the sparkly jacket and I am there rocking side to side and just loving hearing this beautiful song.  I am reminded that my version that I grew up with had a slightly reggae feel to it.

Winn Winn Situation: December 13, 2013 0373

“Take my hand, my whole life to because I can’t help falling in love with you”                     (Elvis Presley & UB40)

What a coup!  Young and old, we were all entranced in the performance, the versatility, and the love that these two amazing people share.  It is definitely time to stop by and listen to them again.

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