Share Six: April 2018: Urban

It was my turn to choose the theme this month and I love the idea of getting into a city environment and taking photographs.  So the theme I chose was {Urban}.  The city has so many different facets and characteristics.  When I travel I love to walk through as much of the city as possible. Of course, Richard hates it, so often I will go off on my own and explore.  I did that in Denver due to the snow, he is not a big now fan.  In Seattle he walked a fair bit with me.  Talking Seattle if you ever get the chance visit the Seattle Library.  I loved it.

I remember the cities in South Africa.  The memories of growing up and going by bus to the Durban city center with my mother.  There was a beautiful old town hall that dated back to the early 1900’s.  Across the road was a memorial park.  I would like to say that it was a remembrance to fallen soldiers but my memory does not remember that far back.  However, as a child I remember the highlight was that I could go and feed the pigeons at the park.  Visualize this crazy child running up to the birds with bird seed and the bird scattering.  Cape Town sat under the shadows of a mountain range, and on the edge of the ocean.  Johannesburg was just a concrete jungle.

In 1987 Richard and I traveled through 9 countries in Europe before heading over to the UK to do England, Wales and Scotland .  Each city was unique in it’s beauty.  From the Eiffel Tower in France, to the Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, to the Colosseum in Italy, and various other cities, each city had something unique to offer.  Back in London, we headed out to the furthermost point from our hotel.  We decided to head back to the hotel only to discover that the underground system had shut down for no apparent reason.  We walked from London Bridge for two hours through the city street of London.  Oh I wish I had had my big girl camera with me then.

I know that when I do photograph {Urban} images that I prefer the images to be in black and white.  Just a personal preference when I look at the photographs.

I work in West Palm Beach, and just 10 minutes away is the downtown Clematis street area and City Place.  My daughter works close by as well, so I suggested that we grab our camera’s and head to City Place after work.  When we finished taking photos, we could stop and enjoy some dinner. Both have the hustle and bustle of restaurant activity.

So here are my {Urban} images for the Share Six theme. I do hope you enjoy them.

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4479

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4481

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4490

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4501

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4527

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4492

I will confess that I was enjoying being out with my daughter and enjoying what City Place had to offer so I have included a few more than six images.

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018:   4515

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4497

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4505

Downtown WPB: February 2, 2017: 7407

City Place: Urban Shots: April 26, 2018: 4476

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11 Comments on “Share Six: April 2018: Urban

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    • Thank you so much Ceri. It is nice having a photographer daughter. We see different things but it is great to get out there with her.


  2. These are fantastic Sharleen, sounds like you have had some amazing adventures!!! I love the escalator one too!! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Janet – I love to get out and explore. It is always nice to have company but I am happy to go on my own as well.


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