30 Minutes in the Life: April 2018

All motor vehicles were kicked out of the neighborhood this past week in order to repave the road.  So the first day I went off to work, and when I came home it appeared that you could drive in.  All they had done was lifted the existing tar.  So I snuck in, rebel that I am lol.  However, that meant I had to be out by 7am.  That is cutting it fine for me, but it was better than walking to the main road, which I knew was going to happen soon.

That said I was way to early for work.  Earlier in the month I had filled up with gas and purchased a car wash.  However, when I went to wash the car, 6 cars had joined the line while I was filling up with gas .  Since I was on my lunch break I decided to skip the car wash and do it some other time.

I did go to use it once, and I was waiting in line and this car was ahead of me.  The owner of the car seemed to be pushing buttons to go in for his car wash but nothing seemed to be happening.  Eventually he drove off, obviously annoyed.  I pulled up to start my car wash process and his wash was still in process.  I pushed a button to get out of his car wash and it told me to pull ahead and get my car washed.  Yikes, I was getting a free car wash at a very unhappy person’s expense.  If I hadn’t seen him drive out of the gas station, I could have given him my car wash but oh well, my car got washed for free.

However, I was still sitting with my due to expire car wash, and so since I had to be out of the neighborhood by 7am I decided to stop on my way to work and wash my car.  So my images this month are from inside the car wash. All the images were taken with my cellphone and post edited in photoshop.  As I edited so I experimented a little bit with some photoshop options to get some creative abstract art.

Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9066Car Wash:  April 18, 2018:9067Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9068Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9069Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9070Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9071Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9073Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9073Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9074Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9075Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9076Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9077Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9078Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9079Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9080Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9081Car Wash:  April 18, 2018: 9082

Car wash done and I still arrived at work 10 minutes early.  It seemed like I flew to work that day.  Of course the next day I was taking the short cut (?) along the bank of the canal to my car.  The grass was very wet and I ended up with wet shoes and the bottoms of my jeans were soaked.  Last night I moved my car inside and stayed home instead.  I hope that they are done this afternoon as I have to get out bright and early tomorrow morning for our annual fundraiser.

Thank you for joining me for this month’s 30 Minutes in Life.  For the rest of the blog group, please take time to visit my friend and fellow blogger  Liz Godfrey Photography and see what she has for you this month.   Keep following the circle of photographers to see what the other photographers, from the US and around the world,  have shared this month. Don’t forget to leave a little love on their pages.

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  3. I never would have thought to take pictures inside of a car wash! The abstract images are fun and I love all of the colors! 🙂

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