30 Minutes in the Life: December Festive 5

Well I am not sure that the circle blog is going to happen this month.  We all seem a little behind and overwhelmed with all the Christmas happenings.  By the time this goes live, Christmas will have happened, but I would still like to take the time to wish you a safe and happy Christmas Season.  May 2017 be a wonderful year for you all.

Aside from the center image, I decided to play with my Lensbaby Composer Pro, using the Sweet 50 and Sweet 35 optics.  I got some very interesting effects.

Christmas Party: December 9, 2016 4813

For this image I pulled out the Lensbaby Composer Pro and the sweet 50 optic and landed up with a really crazy effect.

Christmas: December18, 2016 4981

This image was taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 35 optic.

Christmas Party: December13, 2016 4844

Staff Party and some playing with the reflections in the golden globe of a chandelier.

Christmas Party: December 13, 2016 4855

Staff Party and some playing with the Lensbaby Twist and Sweet 50

Christmas: December18, 2016 4982

This is my Christmas tree and I used the Lensbaby Composer Pro with the sweet 35 optic and love the effect I got by tilting the lens.


Thank you for joining me for this month’s 30 Minutes in Life.  I am not sure how many people will be linking in the circle, but for now you can link to Paige Everson and see what she has for you.

30 Minutes changed their name to Journey to an Artist.  If you want to know more about Journey to an Artist head over to their Facebook page, or to the blog page.  There is new and exciting happenings going on with the group Journey to an Artist that you are sure to want to check it out.

You can also find me on FacebookFlickr, Instagram and Google+



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