2017 ….a New Year…

find life experiences

and swallow them whole


meet people

go down some dead ends and 

explore dark alleyways

try everything

exhaust yourself

in the glorious pursuit of life

~ Lawrence K. Fish

Johnathon Dickinson State Park: October 15, 2016 3895

I stood the other day at the gas station and I heard a song I have not heard for many years. Certainly, I have not heard it played in the USA on New Years Eve.  It was Auld Lang Syne.

Long Key State Park: Marathon: May 20-23, 2016 0306

Find life experiences and swallow them whole.

I was transported back to my childhood, to family and friends, to the gatherings on New Years Eve and the celebrations of life.  I remember being woken up from sleep so that we could see the New Year in as a family.  Those were good moments and good memories.  All of my parent generation have now passed on.  We are in a different country and traditions have changed.  But I miss those times.  I miss seeing my mom put shortbread, and a bottle of whiskey, and some coal at the front door, so that the first person coming into the house would traditionally bring food, cheer and warmth into the house for the coming year.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6919


As this year closes I reflect that it has been an interesting year.   Cameron has now been married to Kathryn for a year, Amy has been in Macedonia for a year, and Richard and I have had to deal with my foot surgery that is taking far longer than I expected to heal.  In that we have had good moments, but we also had had struggles. We have faced those struggles head on.  This year gave me a greater and deeper appreciation, love and respect for this quiet man in my life, my husband.  He stepped up when I needed him to step up. He was supportive and helpful throughout my stuck in bed, unable to move much experience.  Cameron also made himself available to do shopping for me and bring me Chinese take out, and I so appreciated it.  This surgery put our lives on hold for 6 months. Next year we will face the same thing again.  Hopefully once this has all healed life will be back to normal and we will begin to explore again.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 5932

Meet many people

This year we got to spend 10 days in Seattle.  It was an amazing trip.  We met up with my brother Barry and his wife, Enid.  Seattle was everything and more.  I loved exploring the city.  The trip out to the islands was stunning.  Heading into the snowy mountains was stunning and cold.  Meeting up with my friend’s mother and brother, was a blessing to my soul.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6684

Explore dark alleyways

We traveled by ferry to the Orcas Islands.  It was bitterly cold and I endured it.  I kept a lookout for whales but apparently they don’t like the cold either.  From the Orcas Islands we traveled to Leavensworth.  What a quaint little German town, filled with snow, and seriously cold.  We wrapped up and we walked the little town.  It was delightful.  Heading back to Seattle we stopped off a the Snoqualmie Falls.  Then back to the city to drop Barry and Enid off and then it was off to the airport for the red eye home.  All I can say is that I loved Seattle and I hope that I get back there one day.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6103

Try something new

We also did a relaxing trip to Long Key near Marathon.  This was our in-between Seattle and surgery quick get away.  For me it was a time to unwind, and enjoy the ocean and to just relax and read a book and enjoy nature.  For Richard it was a time to get out in the kayak or off on the paddle board to work off some energy.  Cycling played a large role in that as well.

Curry Hammock State Park: December 20-22, 2016:  5263

Exhaust yourself

Post surgery the first bit of time away was in December.  We were so excited and happy to have Amy come home for Christmas.  We have missed her and it was good to catch up on all her news and to just look at her beautiful face and be so proud of her.  So to grab a bit of down time and for her to experience a bit of the ocean again, we headed off to Curry Hammock for 2 days.  Again for me it was a time to just relax, read a book, enjoy the wildlife, watch the sunsets.  Amy and Richard did some kayaking and a fair bit of cycling was done by Richard.

Curry Hammock State Park: December 20-22, 2016: 5446

In the glorious pursuit of life!

And now we are back to the end of the year.  It seems like the year has flown by even though I spent 8 weeks plus on the bed.  I am grateful for all those in my life who have popped in and spent time with me, when I could not go out.  I am grateful for my online community who have encouraged and supported me along this year.  I will happily say that I really only had one melt down post surgery and I got over it pretty quickly.

As I look to the New Year and 2017, I know that Richard and I face more of the same of what we had this year, but I hope that we will pull through as well as we have done this past year.  Amy still has another year in Macedonia, and Cameron and Kathryn has just settled into a new apartment.

As I think of you, I wish you everything of the best for 2017.  May your year be filled with love and laughter, good health, prosperity with humility, the opportunities to reach out and touch someone else’s life. strong family ties, good friendships, communities that make you laugh, and encourage you to be more than you think you can be.

May you step out and embrace what the world has to offer, using wisdom and good judgment in all occasions.

…..And I hope you dance …(Lee Ann Womack)

From our family to yours – be blessed in 2017.


Nashville, Georgia: March 3-9, 2015





Cameron, Kathryn & Buster



Moonshine:  Dec 22, 2015 2386


Late Afternoon: February 13, 2015 2035



Tell me a Story: December 2016

It’s December, a few days before Christmas and Tell me a Story is due to go live on New Years Eve.  I am not sure if we are going pull off the blog circle but I want to do my best to try.

This year has not been easy and the foot surgery recovery is still on-going.  The foot still hurts and swells but life goes on and I need to do my best to go along with it.

I think because I have been so home bound, Richard has decided that I need to get out.  So this particular day he suggested breakfast in Jupiter and then we’d head on over to a park that we had been to many years ago.  The park was not quite what I remembered by it sits on the edge of the Jupiter outlet, just across the inlet from the Jupiter tower.  I loved seeing the Pelicans.  I find them to be such graceful birds for their size.  It was also fun to see the boats going in an out – especially the Santa boat.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4702

There were a number of pigeons on the rocks.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4681

However, it is the Pelican that always catches my attention.  For such a bulky odd shaped bird, it’s grace always amazes me.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4675

The Jupiter tower is an amazing piece of history, and yes, I have climbed to the top of it to view what the lighthouse master may have seen.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4705

Pelican take off

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4722

Pigeon with a water splash behind it

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4694

The water was fairly choppy and the waves were splashing against the pier.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4732

I feel like this Pelican was taking a bow.  Actually it had just come in to land.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4762

While sitting sedately on the rock, a boat motored out through the outlet to the ocean, resulting in a water splash up onto the Pelican.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4712

Fishing off the pier is always an option.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4737

Pleasure riding was just one of the activities.  Scuba boats headed out as well.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016

Thanks to the boats this Pelican is now wet and disgruntled.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4710

Disgruntled and hungry – off to catch some fish.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4773

Last but not least – only in South Florida will you see a Santa on a dive boat

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