Tell me a story: October 2016

It is now end October and I am 3 months post surgery, and recovery is taking a lot longer than I expected. However, I am pleased to say that I managed to get a shoe on last week, even though it is far wider than I would normally have it, and I still cannot lace it up, but it is on, and feels relatively comfortable.  I wore it to work all week.  The first day nearly killed me, it was so uncomfortable.  The next day I lost the bandage and just wore a sock.  What a difference.  So come Friday and I am meeting friends for lunch and decide I will go to one of the local National parks where the walk is not that far and try and take some photographs.  No such luck, Richard had removed the pass out my car.  So, I go to the next best thing, Green Cay wetlands.  My first challenge, do I attempt to walk down the ramp.  Walking down may not be too bad but walking up may not be pleasant.  I decided to risk it.  I cannot measure in yards, but for those that work in metric, I probably walked 50 meters and I knew it was time to turn around and walk back to my car, which was probably another 50 meters away.  The park is about 4 kilometers long and that is just not an option right now.  So I really only got 4 images.  They were in one of my favorite styles to shoot and so I decided to go back through my old files, and do some re-edits now that my computer has been calibrated, and use some of those to add to the 4 images that I took.

My Curly Tail Lizard caught climbing up onto the deck

Leaf on the boardwalk

Worm on the boardwalk

Leaf on the boardwalk

The simple pleasures in life can be found right at your back door. My suntanning Curly Tail Lizard

Leaf on the boardwalk

A apple snail that hatch in the garden

Seedlings popping out the boardwalk railing


Leaf on the boardwalk

The simple pleasures in life can be found right at your back door. I happened to go outside and spotted this curly tailed lizard sunning himself on the rocks

Leaf on the boardwalk

Shell on the boardwalk

Leaf on the boardwalk

An interesting flying bug that we came across.

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8 Comments on “Tell me a story: October 2016

  1. Stunning photos, Sharleen! I absolutely love the small sliver of focus in your narrow depth of field images. They are all wonderful!


    • Thank you Lupji. I have good and bad days. I think that is how it is measured right now. Yesterday I went for a short walk. That was a good day for me.


    • Thank you so much Mindy. It is nice to be able to get out again even if I cannot get far. Slow process but at least there is progress.


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