30 Minutes in the Life: October 2016

I am not sure where this month has gone, but 30 Minutes in the Life is live again.  This month I actually got out and took photo’s.  For the past 3 months ever since I had foot surgery, Richard has wanted to go off road bicycle riding.  I have not felt up to going anywhere, but he could have gone.  I think he really wants me to get out.  Problem is I really don’t feel like getting out.  So last weekend I suggested that if he wanted to go I would be happy to do so.  The state park is about 1 hour from where we live and so we left around 8am so that he would be able to cycle in the slightly cooler weather.  The park is pretty big, and while I would like to say I walked around, I really drove to places and  walked short distances.

When it came to editing I think the images I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and go dark.  I experimented with burning edges and vignettes.

Possibly this is a reflection of what my mood has been this week.  Tuesday evening was the highlight with me having a major meltdown, that resulted in tears and a pity party for one. Just being real here.

Part of it is all about expectations.  I expect, and others expect me to be able to do more than I really can do.  I am back at work, and moving around so I should be able to do what I was doing before.  However, the frustration for me is that I can’t.  I am dealing with daily swelling.  I am learning to walk differently. My foot hurts, my heel hurts even more, and I am the only one that knows that.  No one else can feel the pain or what I am going through.  I wish I could wave a wand and make it better, but the realization is that this is a slow, slow journey and I have to deal with it the best way I can.

So here are my dark, moody images for the month of October.

Johnathon Dickinson State Park: October 15, 2016 3763

I love the lensbaby effect and this was taken with the composer pro and the sweet 50 optic. I bought this for Amy and decided to test it out myself to make sure everything was in working order.

Johnathon Dickinson State Park: October 15, 2016 3767

I had to laugh. I had stopped at the side of the road to take this image, and a man and his wife road up in there golf cart vehicle. He asked me what did I see. When I told him trees, he looked at me blankly. Then he said to me, there is a gate post over there. For him it was trees, for me it was light and dark.

Johnathon Dickinson State Park: October 15, 2016 3768

There is a definite sign of autumn with winter just around the corner. Leaves are turning and some are dying. I personally am looking forward to the cooler winter months.

Johnathon Dickinson State Park: October 15, 2016 3782

In amongst the grass were weeds. Weeds on their own are not something to get excited about, but close up this little weed looks quite regal to me.

Lizard on a fallen branch

This lizard was on a fallen branch. He kept puffing out his orange flap at me and finally settled into this position while keeping his beady eye on me.

Johnathon Dickinson State Park: October 15, 2016 3807

I can relate to this buoy line – for right now – I feel isolated from the life I have been so used to. I use walking in the wetlands to clear my head and do my thinking. I can’t do that right now, and I really really want to.

Johnathon Dickinson State Park: October 15, 2016 3839

There are so few birds at this state park. But this little Mockingbird flew up to the trees and I love the way the branches framed it.

Johnathon Dickinson State Park: October 15, 2016 3858

This tiny flower was taken with my macro lens. I love how the white pops out against the dark. What I really loved about the flower was all the frilly ends on the ends of the stamen

Reflections of my mood

I have felt like this tree all week. There has been a feeling of dark all around, but there is light around me as well. I give thanks for those who have been a light this week, because for the first time in three months I really felt like I battled the dark.

I hope I have not depressed you but I am just keeping it real.  I have been really good up until now, and the week just got to me and the tipping point just sent me over the edge.  I am back up and I am doing things but as I write this I know that within a short while I am going to head to the bed and elevate and ice my foot.  I am grateful for the people in this group, and the friends I have in the different photography groups, and those that I work with who have encouraged me and strengthened me through this journey. I don’t say it enough but without Richard and his help, I probably would have melted long ago.

Thank you for joining me for this month’s 30 Minutes in Life.    This is a circle blog.  Please take time to visit my fellow blogger Sophie James | Bluebells on the Green Lifestyle Photography, Scotland and see what she has for you this month. Keep following the circle to see what the other photographers have shared this month. Don’t forget to leave a little love on their pages.

30 Minutes changed their name to Journey to an Artist.  If you want to know more about Journey to an Artist head over to their Facebook page, or to the blog page.  There is new and exciting happenings going on with the group Journey to an Artist that you are sure to want to check it out.

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10 Comments on “30 Minutes in the Life: October 2016

  1. Sharleen: these are beautiful and they definitely reflect the dark and moody feel you were going for. I hope your recovery comes quickly. I’m sure it’s frustrating to not be able to do the things you once could but I’m sure you’ll get back to 100% in no time. take care!


  2. Sharleen – everyone needs a pity party every now & then – it’s good to let it all out and then put that smile back on your face and go forward. 🙂 I love that you went outside your comfort zone with the moodier black & white images – they are certainly emotive. Sounds like your foot is on the mend – I know it’s frustrating to take things one day at a time, do hang in there and wishing you all the best.


  3. Sharleen, I’m sorry you have been having such a hard time, I’m pleased you have been able to use your work to help you express your frustration and emotions. The images are beautiful and express your dark October mood. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery and hope you are fighting fit soon. x


    • Thank you so much Hayley. It was nice to get it all out there to be honest. My mood has certainly picked up and moved forward on a more positive note.


  4. Aww, I’m sorry for how you’ve been feeling, but if it inspires work like this, some good has come out of it. I really love my lensbaby too. I’m all for dark and moody images. Hope you’re feeling better now!


    • Thank you Paige. It will take a while apparently before I feel 100% better but I am managing although right now my foot wants ice 😦


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