30 Minutes in the Life: February 2015: Street Art

I have to confess, that I am a little envious of artists who can create beautiful images on a canvas.  I like to doodle.  I think I doodle well.  I know you can make out what I am doodling, but to take a picture in your mind or one that you are looking at it, and create something big out of it, that is a gift.  I did art at school, although I have to say pottery was my favorite part of the art class.

About 8 months ago I saw an image in a photography group and I had to ask where it had been taken.  Lake Worth Street Painting was the answer.  This weekend was the 2015 event, and I decided that we needed to go to it.  Weather permitting of course.  Friday was freezing. Saturday was overcast, but the promise of rain was only 25%.  We decided to head out around the middle of the day as we thought that may be the warmest.  And yes I know all the folk in the north are shaking their heads at me, but this African likes warm weather.

The roads were blocked off and after a short walk we arrived at the hustle and bustle of street artists, ranging from very young children up to the professionals.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2546

It was hard to decide where to start my 30 minutes and where to end it.  There was so much incredible work.  What a riot of color and noise.  This was a fun day, of artists, and music, and restaurants and take outs and beer.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2540

I love graffiti and so I really enjoyed seeing what folk had to offer.  This face caught my attention right off.  It was dark and brooding and intriguing.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2545

Fun, cartoonish and full of color.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2541

Quite often the artist would have the work she was creating on a sheet in front of her, and so where I saw that I tried to capture it as well.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2549

Work in progress was all over the place, and it was easy to see the designs taking shape.  Perhaps we had gone a little bit early but I think we still enjoyed what was being created.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2550

Knee pads graced knees, chalk dust graced butts.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2540

We arrived at the food and drink area.  On a podium in the park was live music.  Take out caravans lined the streets.  Food was in all varieties. Chinese take out, Philly Cheesesteaks, Gyros, cheese stuffed corn cakes, crab cakes.  I could go on.  And of course, there was beer.  This wall resonated with me.  I have seen this done before but never with the words “Before I die… I want to…” Makes you stop and think.  I have a bucket list of things I want to do before I die.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2568

Intensive concentration as they work to create their image.  I am sympathizing – this event goes all weekend.  To be on your knees and crouched in this position is going to be seriously painful by Sunday evening.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2569

Of all the work, this had to have been my favorite.  I am in a real black and white mode these days and this quickly grabbed my attention.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2575

These young guys were creating a piece of artwork in the depiction of Jesus.  They had outlined and were beginning to fill in.  I overheard a conversation a lady was having with them.  She asked them if they would like to be part of the event next year and they eagerly agreed that they would like to be a part of the 2016 event.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2591

Another piece that spoke to my soul was the face with tears.  I loved it.  I loved the simplicity and the vulnerability I found in this image.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2586

I am not sure how this woman can stand and work like that for the length of time she did.  I can only assume she practices that crouching position daily.  There ain’t no way my body would be able to do that. 🙂

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2589

Last image of the event.  I am always impressed by the ability to create 3D artwork.  You often see work of artist that will have you falling into a hole.  This photo truly was like that.  What creativity this woman has.

I will confess that I probably went 4 minutes over the 30 minutes.  However, this is only half of the images that I saw today.  It was a fun event, and I for sure will head on back there next year.  It was time to head home, the sky was cloudy and dark and I kept thinking I hope it does not rain on their parade.  To have all this incredible artwork washed away in one down pour would be so disheartening.

Talking rain – it certainly rained on our parade driving home.  I hope that the rain stayed west and did not go east.

Lake Worth Street Painting:  February 21, 2015 2622

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”

~ Vincent van Gogh

Thank you for joining me for this month’s 30 minutes.  This is a circle blog.  Please take time to visit my friend, Olivia Gatti :: Click Click Love and see what she has for you this month.  Keep following the circle to see what the other photographers have for you.

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P.S.  I have a busy month ahead.  Look out for the images from Gainesville coming up in this week.  The Renaissance Festival is running and I will be heading their next weekend.  The Theme for the weekend will be the Orient.  I wanted the Warlords and the theme from Mordor, but I am traveling to Georgia that weekend and then to Nashville the following weekend.  I guess I am going to have a lot of blogging coming up.


22 Comments on “30 Minutes in the Life: February 2015: Street Art

  1. Wow, Sharleen! These are so awesome!! What fun this must have been! I loved all your shots. That Jim Morrison one was my favorite. Sorry to see it rained afterward.


    • Thanks Karen. I have to confess I believe that was mine as well. Sunday was a beautiful day so if they finished up there it would have been okay. Next year I will go on the closing day.


  2. What a great event to document!! Great to see this. I love that 3D picture near the end and then the picture with the artist where you can get some perspective. Wonderful!


  3. These are so so cool, Sharleen!!!! Love how you captured all the cool street art. Must’ve been really fun!


    • Thank you Charlotte – it definitely was a riot of color, and lots of chalk dust floating in the air. It was a great event and I plan to go back.


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    • Thank you Megan – I had a great time but I will definitely go back on the last day – I have seen some of the images finished and they were stunning.


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