Share Six: May 6, 2023: Shooting Through

{Shooting through} was the theme chosen by Elizabeth of It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Willson. Again this was not an easy theme for me. I had to improvise a bit this month. This is a crazy month. In January I said that I was going to be traveling to Australia, and here we are 1 week away and it is hectic trying to get everything in place. Added to that I have some work deadlines to meet before we leave and poor Luka had to go for surgery last week, and of course, I had to go along. I know what it is like to to be waiting alone and I did not want Amy to have to do that.

Through the Window

So we have had a lot of rain lately and I just happened to be out in it. So while I was sitting stationery at the traffic light I snapped the following two photos of the night lights ahead. These were two different evenings. I did some post editing in photoshop to get a bit more black in the images. The first night I was driving home from work. The second evening I was leaving my study group and heading to Amy’s to sleep over because we had to get up at 4:30am to drive to the surgery center and be there by 6:30am. I am not a big fan of driving in the rain either.

Through the foilage

This is a favorite spot of mine. I love to stop off at this pond before going to catch the sunset. Dependent on where the sun is setting, I have got some really nice images. The sun was setting behind the trees this time.

I went on to the normal place I shoot the sunset. In this image I was below the road level shooting up through the trees to capture the sky.

Through a Lensball

I was chatting to a friend recently. I noticed that she was posting images taken with a Lensball. I asked her if I could meet her at the sunset one evening and take a couple of photos through her Lensball. I had not planned to meet her this particular evening but as it turned out it was a good thing that I did. The sunsets the following week were not great.

Through a mesh fence

I took a walk along the side fence of a church and cemetery. The gave site closest to the fence had lost 6 of the children. How hard it must be for a parent to go through such loss.

Through a crinkly plastic bag

This did not quite have the effect I was expecting it to have. I thought I would see the crinkle lines but I did not.

Through a plastic bottle

I cut off the top and bottom of a plastic bottle. I had seen a photo taken through one and it had a better effect than what I got here. I was hoping that I would be able to see the undulations better.

Through the bottom of the bottle

I took the piece that I had cut off from the bottom of the bottle and I held that up over the flowers. The center of the base of the bottle draws in to a finish to the mold and the color is a deeper blue than the rest of the bottle. I did get that effect here.

Through a plastic lid that had a design in the middle

I was looking at what I could use and found this lid to an old coffee machine part. The lid is a clear plastic but the rim has a blue tin to it. The lid also had a design on it. You can see the upside down V over the flowers.

Through a prism

I am not sure what made me think about it but I have had a prism for years and still truly don’t know how to use it properly, but I played around with it trying to get the photo’s. In the next picture I got the kitchen counter and the dishwashing liquid as well as the flowers. In the next image I got the ceiling and what looks like the edge of the computer.

Lastly I took the prism outside and tried to get some outside images. This was the one I liked the most. I have a wild orchid that is in bloom now and I like the rainbow effect of the edge of the prism.

{Shooting through} was an interesting challenge. I am glad I was able to come up with more than one option. I am glad I have managed to get this done. It leaves me one week to get my study work prepped and my toiletries and everything else sorted out and packed. I cannot wait to see Sydney, Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. I have them all mapped out and ready to go.

This is a circle blog and as I mentioned, we have some very talented ladies in the group. The sneak peaks are stunning and I cannot wait to see the rest. Take some time to follow the links and see what they have for you this month. My incredibly talented friend Janet of @wiredtothemoon_ is up next. I can’t wait to see what she has to share. You can see more of her work by clicking on her Facebook page. Definitely check out her incredible art.

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