Share Six: July 2021: Summer Sun

{Summer sun} is the theme this month and summer sun is the time of year typically when we travel. The past two years have been tough because of covid, and this past year has been an awful year for us a family and extended family. There is so much we want to do but this year we just have not been able to do it. We are restricted to Richards infusion dates, and at times, with everything that is going on it has just been overwhelming.

In addition, it has rained virtually every day I have been free to head out. We also have a tropical storm heading into town just to add insult to injury

Sitting on the beach this past week, waiting for the weather to roll in using my cellphone to capture the storm.

I have not even had a chance to get out and take photos. So I have pulled together what {Summer Sun} means to us as a family. It is time to get out and to get traveling and to enjoy what nature has created for us.

It may be local – some early mornings watching the sun rise over the ocean.
Bahia Honda State Park
Sunset at St Pete’s, Florida
Heading out early morning to go hike in the Valley of Fire was one of our favorites.
Sunset Key West, Florida
Sunset over the Gulf – Naples, Florida
Or just watching the sun set in St Petes, Florida
Sunset from the Ferry – Orca Islands back to Seattle
Sunrise on the last day before we headed home – Columbus Georgia
One of our favorite summer sun activities – sunset on the ocean Key West, Florida

Summer is time to get up and get moving, and I have to be honest I cannot wait to do it again. Being stuck at home is the pits. With Richards health being challenged, we are going to be checking off the bucket list as soon as we can.

We have always been outdoorsy people. The typical sun seekers. Sunrise and sunset and everything inbetween. We have lived to be in nature. Life and death, has suddenly become very relevant in our lives right now as we focus on Richard’s health. If you are a sunseeker like we have been, please consider using sunscreen that provides a significant cover, watch out for odd looking moles, and educate yourself. Australia, Florida, California are listed as the top 3 places for melanoma. I am going to add South Africa to that listed because where we grew up the climate is exactly the same. See a dermatologist and get yourself checked out. Melanoma is one of the deadliest forms of cancer and we are dealing with this right now. Each day has become a memory making day.

This is a circle blog and as I mentioned, we have some very talented ladies in the group. The sneak peaks are stunning and I cannot wait to see the rest. Take some time to follow the links and see what they have for you this month. My incredibly artistic friend Liz of It’s Still Life Photography by Elizabeth Wilson is up next is up next. I can wait to see what she has to share as I have seen some of her work recently and love it. I would encourage to have a look at what she has to offer. You can see more of her work by clicking on her Facebook page or Instagram page.

Come and share your images  Facebook and Instagram tagging #sharesix_summersun.

You can also find me on Facebook, and Instagram.

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