Share Six: December 2019: Light

This time of the year is definitely about {Light} and that is our theme for the month.  I drive through the neighborhood and the palm trees are wrapped in lights, the houses are decorated with twinkling icicle lights.  I even got out and put my lights up this year for the first time since I had the last foot surgery.  Light definitely makes the world go around.

The sun is a natural agent of light.  We were away camping on the west coast and woke up to the sunlight being dispersed through the branches of the trees.  I loved the sunflare that appeared in the image.  It was a chilly morning but I could not help but grab a cup of coffee and head outside to watch the start of the day.  Ok I grabbed my camera as well 🙂

Collier Seminole: Mar 2013: 087


Pockets of light in dark areas are great to capture.  Walking through one of the local wetlands the boardwalk is kind of dark and gloomy and just a little isolated.  It always feels a bit weird walking through on my own.  But I do because I love catching moments like this image below.

Green Cay Wetlands: June 3, 2018:


Artificial light is fun as well.  We were at Epcot and happened to walk out of one of the themes.  My feeling was that it was a space related theme and the walk way out was lit up in this red contrast(y) light.  I loved the eerie feel about this walkway.

Kennedy Space Center: December 28, 2017: 8558


Sunsets are another favorite light moment for me.  Another local park and a beautiful still evening as the sun set in the west.  Moments like this have me being thankful for the glorious beauty of creation.

sunset boca


Fireworks are such fun forms of light.  I have spent some time trying to capture different images of light.  The picture below was taken at the park above once it was dark.  The light display was awesome and I was glad I managed to walk away with some images that I was happy with.

Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8514


Epcot was another amazing display of light.  You kind of hang on to the last moments at the park despite how tired you may be just was watch the incredible fireworks display.  The sky  lit up with bursts of light and I have to confess these were some of my favorite fireworks that evening.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3337


One of my favorite light images is the out of focus Christmas trees.  The bokeh light is divine and taken with the Lensbaby sweet 35 you manage to capture some interesting images.



Richard and I can never agree on white lights or colored lights.  I am all for colored lights simply because of this type of image.  For me it is fun.  I love this start to the Christmas season.  I just wish we had a fire place and a warm cozy fire going on.  Not that we need it down in the south but I will say the last two days have given us a little show of winter and I sincerely hope that we get a few more days like the days we have had this week.

Christmas Bokeh:  Deccember 18, 2018:  0412


Light is incredible and without it all things would be dark.  And even in the dark, there is still a twinkling of light.  This past week the moon was a sliver and the bright light below was Venus, and to the left the tiny light is Saturn. I love looking at astro photography and I think that would be something I would love to experiment with.

Out on the back canal: Nov 28, 2019:  8465


Thank you for joining me for this month’s Share Six blog post.  This is a circle blog.  From the sneak peak images I have seen, you are going to want to follow the circle.  Please take time to visit my friend and very talented artist Kathy of KG Kedbetter Photography and see what she has for you this month. To check out her Facebook page click here and her Instagram page here.

Keep following the circle to see what the other photographers have shared this month. Don’t forget to leave a little love on their page as well.

Come and share your images  Facebook and Instagram tagging #sharesix_light

Finally throw some positive thoughts my way – my major project that I have been working on for the past 6 months experiences D-Day today.  Data migration is happening as I share this blog and we will be going live on Tuesday. I am anxiously waiting to know that everything has gone according to plan. 

Thank you to the blog contributors for another awesome year of collaborating together.  This is a fantastic group of ladies and I love each one’s interpretation of the theme each month.  Thank you to you all for stopping by and checking out our blogs and to everyone who contributes on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  We love seeing your images.

I wish you and your family a safe and festive season.  Enjoy the moments, busy and quiet.  Make sure that you tell your family how much you love and enjoy being with them. Share lots of hugs.  Don’t get caught up in the stress of the season.  This is all about love, joy and goodwill to all men.  Merry Christmas to you all.


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