Share Six: June 2019: Favorite Quote

Hello, can anyone tell me how we got to June.  This year is flying by.  And it appears I have been doing a lot of that as well.  So far we have headed to San Antonio and the Florida Keys.   I just returned from Rochester NY, and we had the opportunity to swing by Niagara Falls and then in July we are planning to head up to New York.  Oh yes, I can just hear Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York.  It will be a first for me.

Keeping that in mind, let’s turn to Share Six.  For this month’s Share Six blog we have chosen the theme {Favorite quote}.  There are so many out there but this one has resonated with me for a while now.

The history behind this quote is that some years ago my daughter and I had a conversation about travel.  I love to travel. In our 20’s Richard and I traveled through Europe sleeping in a tent.  We got to spend six weeks traveling through France, Spain, the French Riviera, Monte Carlo, Italy, Sicily, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Holland.  We then headed on to England, Wales and Scotland.  My biggest regret was that we did not visit Ireland at the time. We have not done another big international trip like that since then, although we keep thinking about it.

Beyond that we have done a fair bit of exploring with the kids.  Various places within South Africa and Mozambique.  Richard and I also spent time in Swaziland, Lesotho and the Transkei.

However, since moving to Florida it felt like we only traveled around Florida. As Amy and I were talking, I reminded her about the importance of travel and meeting new people and learning new cultures. Exposure to different cultures and places definitely makes you a more accepting person.  I happened to mention that I felt like I needed to get back to traveling again because the older I get, the less time I have to see the places I want to see while I am physically capable of seeing them.

On my very next birthday Amy gave me a card with the following words on it:

Find life experiences

and swallow them whole.  travel.

meet many people

go down some dead ends and 

explore dark alleys.

try everything

exhaust yourself 

in the glorious

pursuit of life. 

~ Lawrence K. Fish


I really want to do that.  I want to experience as much as I can, see as much as I can.  Meet new people. Learn the different ways of life. Give of myself as well.

Since 2012 we have been doing a lot of US traveling and seeing the sights and so it thought it was fitting to share some of my favorite travel pics as we have exhausted ourselves in the glorious pursuit of life.  I will confess I went a little overboard, but I wanted to share some of the most beautiful places we have been to.

Denver: Colorado: April 9, 2013 100

Denver, Colorado in the snow.  We arrived in Denver knowing it may be cold but not expecting snow.  It was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen.  I got out and explored, Richard not so much.

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 9484

Wells Beach, Maine.  We visited Wells Beach in Maine in October of 2019.  We did quite a trip through various parts of Maine, but Wells Beach was our base.  This was a busy little town on weekends, but quieter during the week.  We stopped in the bay area to see what there was and found tranquility and some gorgeous reflections.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6558

The Columbia Building, Seattle, Washington.  The Columbia Building is a 76 story high building.  Around the 52nd floor is Starbucks.  Guess where we headed. I have to be honest, my stomach did not feel great, but I wanted the sky line and that was one of the places I could get it.  When I got back down to the bottom I took this image looking up.  It really does not show the true height of the building.  Definitely well worth the visit.  

Columbus Georgia Conference Trip: March 2-6, 2017: 9045

Columbus, Georgia  I had a work retreat to Columbus Georgia.  This image was taken from the parking lot of the sunrise.  We can experience beauty where ever we see it.  We just have to take the time to look.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6684

Seattle, Washington. Seattle was one of my favorite places to visit.  And yes as you can see, I did do the back streets and alley ways.  We explored Seattle far more than I have explored any other place.  I would definitely head back there.

Key West Vacation: July 2015: 6607

Key West, Florida.  There is nothing better than a sunset cruise out on the ocean in Key West.  Every time we are down there a cruise is on my to do list.  Some evenings are spectacular and other are just okay, but I am always amazed at the beauty of creation.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6513

The Seattle Library, Washington.  It was suggested that I may enjoy walking through the Seattle Library, so I decided to head out and explore what the library had to offer.  The Library is 10 stories high and I started at the top and walked down and around all the floors.  It was a very interesting building and a great opportunity for a photo shoot.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 3913

The Riverwalk, San Antonio.  San Antonio was a recent trip and the Riverwalk was the place to be.  It is a bustling night spot of restaurants and guests.  There is a place for everyone’s tastes.  This was taken in the morning where the one place open for breakfast was a Mexican Restaurant.

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachuttes:  September 2018: 9418

Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts.  Driving from Boston to Maine, I requested that we go by Manchester by the Sea.  If you recall a year or two back there was a movie made by that name and actually made in the town.  So I needed to see it.  Like the movie it was a quaint little town.  When I stopped to speak to one of the local residents we talked about the fact that the movie was made there.  She mentioned that they are much happier people than the movie depicts.

Columbus Georgia Conference Trip: March 2-6, 2017: 8940

Columbus, Georgia.  This was a second retreat trip to Columbus Georgia with staff.  On this particular day the staff wanted to go to the outlet mall.  If you learn anything about me, know that I really do not enjoy shopping unless it is for books.  Being the driver, I made the trip to the outlets, dropped my passengers off and said see you later.  I then headed down to the river and the river walk.  I loved that I got a chance to chat to a homeless man, who went on to share with me about a nesting bird.  Little moments like these create memories to draw on.

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4618

Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo, San Antonio.  One of the best parts of our recent trip to San Antonio was a visit to the missions.  This particular mission was stunning and it was well worth the visit and was a great opportunity to learn more about the role of the mission in the early history of San Antonio.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6100

The Waterfront, Seattle, Washington.  There was a Ferris wheel along the waterfront and I thoroughly enjoyed taking photo’s of it.  Of course, I did not get to ride it, but I am a little nervous of heights 🙂

Nashville, Georgia: March 3-9, 2015

Nashville, Tennessee.  I really love this image of this woman taking a break during her busy day.  We just happened to be walking street towards her when I spotted and stopped and took the photograph. Some days you don’t get to speak to a person, but you learn something all the same.  Take time to enjoy the moments.

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018:

Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  In the process of researching places to visit, and yes I do a lot of research before I head out, I came across this very interesting pier.  So as you may have guessed I really needed to stop by and visit and see what it was all about.  We got to share a beer at the end of the pier.  

San Antonio:  April 9-13, 2019: 4204

The Japanese Gardens, San Antonio.  The Japanese Gardens were a treat.  I loved the peacefulness that you can find in these beautiful gardens.  This picture was of Richard exploring and I loved how the trees framed him on his adventure.  

Las Vegas: March 7-11, 2014

Valley of Fire, Overton, Nevada.  While hanging out in Las Vegas we got chatting to a Kiwi and mentioned that we were thinking of going to Red Rock.  He told us to skip that and head out to the Valley of Fire.  What we found here was multiple colored rock, red, black, white and yellow rocks that made up this amazing area.  We got to do a bit of hiking through the rocks as well.  

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018:

Bar Harbor, Maine. During our visit to Maine, Richard had one place he wanted to visit, Acadia National Park.  So we took 2 days out of our plans to drive up to Bar Harbor.  The Arcadia National Park is well worth visiting.  Bar Harbor was where we slept.  This is a busy little town, with lots of restaurants.  If you are looking for really good calamari and lobster tails, Bar Harbor would be my go to place.  A long way to go for good calamari but since we were there we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Our waiter was from Serbia and we got chatting about traveling around Serbia and what it would be like if you do not speak the language.  Not a problem, he tells me, everyone speaks English.  Well almost everyone.  So here is my mind working over time.  If we ever get to Macedonia, Serbia is right next door.  I am a planner 🙂

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3337

Epcot, Disneyland, Orlando, Florida.  We do not do Disney all that often but once in a while we head up there.  Epcot and the Garden show was our destination this year.  We got to have the whole family together for a change and also to watch our new son-in-laws amazement throughout the day.  Fortunately it was not too hot and not too many people.  

Niagara Falls and Rochester:  June 4-7, 2019: 5697

Niagara Falls on the USA side.  Last but not least this past week I got to view and experience the spectacular Niagara Falls.  I had to travel to Rochester NY for work, but we had a free afternoon, and decided to make the most of it and drive 1.5 hours to the falls.  From the US side you do not get the full view of the falls like the Canadians do, however, you are right up against the force of the water and it is impressive.  

Niagara Falls and Rochester:  June 4-7, 2019: 6021

Niagara Falls from the decks of the Maid in the Mist.  We decided that we would take a boat ride into the bay of the falls.  So they give you rain poncho’s which is probably a good indication that you are going to get wet.  Hello, me with the camera.  I had to do some creative photography down there and honestly at one stage my camera was blinking at me.  The day was overcast, and windy.  The wind, of course, caused the spray to go further.  

Niagara Falls and Rochester:  June 4-7, 2019: 6029

Niagara Falls from the Maid in the Mist.  The power of the water is so incredibly breath taking.  To be here at the base of the falls watching the water pour over the edge is amazing.  If you have the opportunity to visit the falls I would encourage you to do so.   


I could carry on posting images of places that I love, but you will soon get sick of me.  I would encourage you head down those alleyways, stop and talk to a stranger, enjoy everything life has to offer you.  Life is far to brief to waste it.  Me I am in the planning stages of heading to New York.

Thank you for joining me for this month’s Share Six blog post.  This is a circle blog.  From the sneak peak images I have seen, you are going to want to follow the circle.  Please take time to visit my friend and very talented artist Katherine of Cobert Photography and read her quote and see how she has interpreted it. Keep following the circle to see what the other photographers have shared this month.  Don’t forget to leave a little love on their page as well.

Come and share your images  Facebook and Instagram tagging #sharesix_favoritequote.


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  1. Wow Sharleen you have traveled a lot! Such a wonderful journey and still go on! Amazing places and pictures! I want to take my kids to Niagara Falls very soon! It’s an awesome waterfall, so huge and powerful!

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  3. Wow, how amazing to have travelled and seen so much, fantastic stories and memories. Beautiful images too!

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