Tell me a Story: December 2018

December was a busy month, starting out with the wedding. There was a lot that went into it, and a lot of last minute changes. Suffice to say we survived the wedding. It was beautiful and we were thankful to watch the faces of Amy and Daniel as they shared their commitment to each other.

The other highlight was the fact that my brother was coming into town for a conference and was planning to spend the weekend with us. He arrived the day before the wedding. It was so nice to have family in town, especially when there is only 5, now 6 of us.

I had decided that I would drive him up to Orlando after the wedding for his conference. Richard decided that he would go with and we would travel via the middle of Florida stopping off at a place called Bok Gardens. I have wanted to visit this place for a while now and we know that my brother loves walking through different gardens.

Bok Gardens were stunning. The owner many years ago wanted to retreat to nature and built these beautiful gardens. He also built on the property what is know as Bok Towers. This is called the singing tower. On the hour music plays. Amy has visited the Towers and actually gone up and she says there is a organ up in the tower and if I remember correctly a recreation room with a library. On this particular day they had musical recitals at certain hours that played Christmas Carols.

So here are some of the images I captured while walking through the gardens.

Bok Gardens
Bok Gardens
Bok Gardens

There was so much more to Bok Gardens, and quite honestly I would visit again in a heartbeat, and not had a time frame to leave. If you are in the Lake Wales, Florida area, stop by and visit these beautiful gardens, they are so worth it.

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