Tell Me a Story: November 2018: Heading back to Portland

Well it looks like WordPress has made some changes to it’s layout so hopefully I will get this write.

This month for Tell me a Story, I am picking when I left off at the last blog.  If you read it you will know that my whale watching expedition was a total failure and we were plagued by fog.  I am picking up from where I left off – heading back to Portland.  If you did not read our whale watching disaster you may want to do so here.

And can you believe it the fog is lifting and we can see this beautiful lighthouse
From the others side of this Portland Lighthouse.  I thought I would go black and white for this image
And just like that the fog has lifted.  Spirits have picked up a bit and I am sure we are all eager to get off this boat.  
This is the light house that was shrouded in fog on our trip out.
Fort Gorges is just off the coast of Portland in the bay area.  It had been part of my plan to try and take the time to kayak out to this fort, but unfortunately we ran out of time.  
Views heading back into the Portland Harbor.  I felt inclined to go black and white on this particular image.  

We saw a few of these big passenger liners on our trip back into Portland.  If you remember they were shrouded with fog on our trip out.  
I loved this boat heading across the bay as we headed back in to dock.  
Ironically it appeared to be beautiful weather to go sailing.  
And so we are back to the harbor.  Thanks Portland for all the fog.  

To say I was disappointed that I did not see whales is an understatement, but so is life, you win some you loose some.  Tomorrow is another day and who knows a third time I may be lucky.  

This is a circle blog and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has got up to this month.  Follow the link here to see what my fellow blogger LUPJi Photography | North Virginia Based Photographer has for you this month.  Don’t forget to leave a little love on his page.

If you missed the Salem and Manchester by the Sea, the first part of Wells Beach ,  the second part of Wells Beach and the first part of our visit to Portland click on the names and go and check out our road trip adventure.

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