Tell me a Story: December 2017

It is hard to believe that we are closing out 2017.  I am not sure where the year went.  I know that I spent 3 months on the bed recovering from surgery.  Prior to that I was still recovering from the previous years surgery which took a long time to heal and a long time before I was able to get out and about.  I am excited that I was able to walk my first mile on the 24th almost 3 months earlier than last year.

This time of the year is a time of celebration and reflection, family, friends, goodwill to others.  For us, it has been a special time of the year.  Amy came home after 27 months of living in Macedonia working for the Peace Corp.  Coming home with Amy, was her boyfriend Daniel.  So from mid December, we have gone from 2 adults and a cat to 4 adults and a cat.  Things got a little busier.

It was good for us to be together as a family.  With adult children it is harder and harder to do that but every so often I crave it.  Christmas is always that time for me.  I love to decorate and this year I asked Amy what kind of theme she would like.  Her answer was “ocean”, and so that is where I went this year.  I have done this theme before but used sea sand and shells.  This year I pulled out some dollar store pebbles, sea shells from my bathroom, tiny vases which I filled with sea sand and placed an aqua candle inside.  I created a Christmas tree on an island for each place setting, and put little starfish tags on each wineglass.  I finished that off with an ocean napkin in a silver napkin ring.   It was quick and easy to create.  Ironically I took photo’s of the table but none of the people gathered around the table.  But it was good to have Amy home with Daniel, Cameron and his wife Kathryn and Richard and I gathered around the table.


Christmas Table: December 25, 2017:  8345

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8348

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8349

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8353

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8354

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8356

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8357

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8359

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8361

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8364

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8367

Christmas Table: December 25, 2017: 8370

As we close out this years celebrations today, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year.  My prayer is that 2018 will be good to all of us.  May we all be surrounded by family, love, joy, peace, and good health.

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Love:  October 18, 2015 2172

6 Comments on “Tell me a Story: December 2017

  1. Oh Sharleen, your images are wonderful as usual, I recall the excitement and preparation/planning you were going through in the run up to the big home coming in our private chats, and it’s come together so well, a delight to behold! I’m so glad you’ve had a lovely time together too, I look forward to seeing more! Ellie


    • Thanks Ellie – It was good to have everyone home and at dinner together. We are looking forward to having you in the group with us at the next blog.


  2. An absolutely gorgeous color scheme and theme for your special Christmas celebration! Beautiful images, as always, Sharleen!

    Liked by 1 person

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