30 Minutes in the Life: August 2017

A last minute suggestion of an overnight stay in Key West in preparation for my long enforced sabbatical on the bed, post surgery, was met with enthusiasm.  Off to Key West we were going. Friday we walked a lot and by the evening my feet were not feeling happy.  One year post the first surgery and the discomfort is still evident.  Healing it appears, takes time.  Fortunately the cute little place we were staying in had a swimming pool right at the base of the steps to our room and I was able to spend an hour cooling down my feet.  Part of the attraction of heading to Key West is doing a sunset cruise.  This time around we opted to use the charter Seabago Watersports.  Normally we would do a catamaran cruise but this time we opted to go on the Sailing Ship, the Schooner Appledore.  Richard’s dream would be to travel on a sailing ship.  This was a smaller boat, less guests, a much quieter and reflective cruise.  The crew were awesome.  There were drinks on board and they provided sunset snacks which could easily have been a meal if you were not looking for a big dinner.  I would definitely recommend this cruise to anyone looking for an opportunity to watch the sunset.

The do not go out terribly far (but nor do any of the other cruise groups).  Out of harbor the sails are raised and the motor is cut and the boat gently bobbed along the calm seas.  I could easily get used to that if I did not know that the weather could as easily turn as well.  In fact, at one point I felt really relaxed and dozy.

For my 30 Minutes in the Life, I have chosen to show the ever changing sunset we had that evening.

Richard chose the back of the boat, and the wrong side of the boat, however, I could not complain when I managed to get the sail in the sunset image.


Our skipper at sunset.


Sunset from the Schooner Appledore.


The little cloud in the middle made me think of the Scottish word kelpie which is the name given to a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland. My initial impression was of that of a horse but the shape changed a bit while I was focusing.


I love the changing colors of the sky.


Slowly the sun was setting behind a bank of clouds and it was a little disappointing that we were not getting a clear view of the setting sun, however the radiating sun gave off spectacular effects as the night closed in.


I love the liquid gold of the sea and the sun rays on the sky.


There are a number of yacht’s out doing exactly what we were doing and so it is nice to be able to capture some of them in my image.


This is the Seabago Catamaran in this image.  A bigger boat, more people, music and all the rest.


The sky from under the sail.


The Seabago Watersport Catamaran at sunset


What a beautiful way to end the evening.  This boat looked like it was hanging out in the bay for a while.


If you have not done a sunset cruise lately, and you are close enough to the ocean you may want to look into it.  I was glad that we chose the sailing ship over the party boat.  It was nice to be quiet and reflective given what is ahead of me in a few days.  The sunset warmed my soul and continue to impress me with the majesty of creation and the beautiful vision of the creator.

Thank you for joining me for this month’s 30 Minutes in Life. By the time you read this my surgery will be over, and I will be confined to bed for around 2 months.  I am looking forward to brightening my day through the circle blogs.  Please take time to visit my friend and fellow blogger Colleen Putman Photography and see what she has for you this month.   Keep following the circle to see what the other photographers, from the US and around the world,  have shared this month. Don’t forget to leave a little love on their pages.

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