Artists Inspired: June 2017: Turquoise

Turquoise and where better than the oceans of the Florida Keys.  There is just something about hitting those islands and seeing the color of the water, that has Richard opening the windows, turning up the island music and driving happily along.  Of course, I have my hair blowing all over the place and particularly in my eyes.  However, he is in his element.

My camera is on my lap and I am ready for the change in perspective and the ever changing colors of the water. From the top of the Florida Keys to the tip the water is a change of colors depending on the amount of sunlight and the patches of reeds in the water.  I have shared with you some of my favorite turquoise Keys images.

Heading out of Miami and onto the Keys and the first stretch of water has you picking up your camera and marveling at the beautiful color of the ocean.


It also has you wishing that for a brief while you had a boat.


Driving across this bridge reminds me that we are not far from our first stop Long Key State  Park.  You may remember some of the sunset images I have taken have been from the other side of this bridge with the power pylons in the image.


Arriving at Long Key State Park and this bench will be one of my viewing spots for the days ahead.


On of the fun sports to watch and photograph is kite surfing.  I love it when the surfer jumps out of the water and into the sky.  It is pure art at the whim of the wind.


Of course another option is to head out into the ocean and find a small island spot where you can anchor your part and play in the water.


Heading further down the Keys we often stop at Curry Hammock State Park.  It is smaller and there are some nice kayaking routes.  Added to that there are some trees to sit under in the very hot weather.


Or alternatively you could just do what this group is doing and head out into the ocean.


One of my favorite activities is to bird watch and watching the magnificent Osprey go fishing is always such a pleasure.


Not really my thing but people do love to stand in the gorgeous ocean and fish 🙂


Heading further south and you will find the stunning Bahia Honda State Park.  For those folk not into camping, they actually a few cottages in the park.  You are able to climb to the top level of the bridge and see the view.


And this is just one of the gorgeous views that you can see.


And yes, we have kayaked out to this island.  It is covered in coral and unless you have shoes on you are not walking comfortable on it.


Bahia Honda State Park also has a beautiful swimming beach.  I say swimming but honestly it is more like wallowing in ankle deep water.  You really have to walk a way out to get it waist deep.


Final stretch to go and we are down in Key West and I always love heading down there.  There is so much to do and see in Key West.  Aside from the city you have all the beaches to go to and all the activities you can take part in.


Activities like Paragliding.


Or swimming with the sharks.  Just kidding!!!  We noticed a young girl walking along the edge of the pier and peering over. We were wondering what she was doing. We headed out of the water in time to see this shark swimming right where we had been swimming in the water. Kind of freaky to be honest.


Last but not least, end off your day with a sunset cruise.  They are such fun and we have now done three of theme.  A snorkeling cruise, and 2 sunset cruises.  Beer, wine and snacks to keep you busy as you sail around until sunset.

I hope that my turquoise theme has stirred in you a desire to head to the Florida Keys and enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of you.  This is always a favorite of ours when we need to do a short 3 day getaway.

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8 Comments on “Artists Inspired: June 2017: Turquoise

  1. Wonderful images, Sharleen! I particularly like the one of the seed pods on the tree (I think that’s what they are…). I have very happy memories of a visit to Key West but we didn’t stop and explore the route from Miami. I would love to visit again one day, your images make it most appealing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Ceri – I love that seed pod image as well. We spend a lot of time in the Keys when the kids were younger and it is a good short drive for Rich and I now when we want to go down.


  2. These are beautiful, Sharleen! And they make me want to take a trip down to the Keys asap!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Nikki. We have not been down too often this year and I guess the next year will be the same but I do enjoy relaxing when I get down there.


  3. Thank you for taking me to the Keys!! I always look forward to your nature images! And these are beautiful! But that shot of the Osprey….just a big ole WOW!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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