Artists Inspired: May 2017: Purple

Purple is an interesting color and not one that I wear terribly often.  When I think of purple I think of the Messiah, I think of kings and queens, I think of the opulent robes and wealth, grandeur and wisdom.

My father grew many orchids and he had some beautiful ranges of the color purple.  Me on the other hand, do not seem to have inherited his green thumb, or perhaps it is the lack of time to and space to attend to them like he has done.

Since both those options were out to shoot, I thought I would look for purple in my walk about.  Nature itself, has many different purple flowers so I discovered.  So walk with me as I endeavor to capture the purple delights of nature.


The first 5 images were taken at the zoo while walking through the butterfly garden.


I then headed over to Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum and decided to shoot what purple I could find there.


The next flowers are commonly found in the wetlands, and I managed to capture them on one of my recent walks.



Bird wise in my area there are a few.  Ironically the first bird is called a Little Green Heron, but I am still trying to find the green on him.


The Purple Gallinule is another bird that has purple coloring in it.  This particular birt is interesting to watch as it likes to eat the Alligator Flag flowers.  You will find them doing a balancing act on the very end of the stems to try and reach the flowers.


Last but not least I found this little cutie in her purple pants walking through the zoo.  I just had to get this shot.


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