Tell me a Story: April 2017

I had to prepare a blog on the topic black and so I decided to head on out to the Palm Beach Zoo to shoot images of the monkeys. All I can say is that the monkeys were not that co-operative.  The big guy hardly moved and the others sat huddled at the top of their cage and ignored me.  However, I got to walk around the zoo and experience what they had to offer. Perhaps the highlight was the mating dance of the Flamingo and the stunning display by the gorgeous peacock.

This monkey did not want his photo taken. Each time I picked up my camera it would turn it’s head away.  This was the only photo I got with it looking directly at me.


Pelican – say what – exercise time – I’m not so sure about that!!!


Pelican – okay okay – I will stretch the wings back…


Pelican – and stretch the legs out… and then I am done for the day.


Koala Bear – I am just done for the day.


I guess it’s grooming time.


Kangaroo – I think I will just hang out by the pool and catch some sun.


Tortoise – it’s time for a snack


Blue Winged Teal Duck is going to snooze.

Unknown Bird


Peacock – yes I know you love my feathers but just wait and see what I can do with them ….


Peacock – all fanned out – close up the colors are spectacular


An amazing sight to witness – this peacock paraded for the camera.


Black Crowned Night Heron – just hanging out.

Flamingo – this was an interesting sight to see. The mating dance of the Flamingo. It looked like the were doing the tango.


Flamingo – they danced around each other.


Flamingo – flapping their wings


Flamingo – it was so interesting to watch.


Parrot – I love parrot’s they are always so vibrant.


Parrot – and I loved that this guy stopped to look at me long enough for me to get and image of him

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4 Comments on “Tell me a Story: April 2017

  1. Your images of animals are just always the best! You really have a way of just finding the best moment! My favorite is the kangaroo chilling.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Kim. That was a first time for me seeing the peacock and to have it strut around on display was just amazing.


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