Tell me a Story: January 2017

Two months ago I shared an encounter with a Cormorant.  This month I had a noisy encounter with two Egyptian Geese.  They were definitely engaged in the activities unlike the Cormorant who just gave me a lazy look.   Clearly used to people, and possibly used to being fed, these Egyptian Geese wandered up to the railings, made a few sqawks and then flew up to the top of the wooden railing and proceeded to engage.  Below is my encounter with these two.

Egyptian Geese on the move

Egyptian Geese on the move.  I am sure that the thought was that people equals food.  Not so lucky here.

Egyptian Goose

The Egyptian Goose is a stunning looking bird and it brings back great memories of my childhood and visiting friends.  Their mother used to feed the Egyptian Geese every day.  At about 4pm in the afternoon she would go out and wait for them to fly in and sure as heck they did.  It was always fun to watch.

Spring Day Walk

Tired of being away from the activity, they both flew up on top of the wooden railing to engage with the people who might potentially have foot.

Spring Day Walk

We were up close and personal and I have discovered since I took the Cormorant’s feet that I love getting down low and close so as to be able to photography their feet.  Recently a painter thanked me for doing that as he used the Cormorants feet image to finish off his painting.

Spring Day Walk

I must have moved and got it’sattention and then the focus was on me.

Spring Day Walk

I am not sure if it could see itself in my camera lens or if it was just a glint it saw but it really looked me in the face.  At the same time the birds were sqwaking loudly.  All I know is that geese chase you and would not be adverse to taking a nip.

Spring Day Walk

I’m still watching you.

Spring Day Walk

I think the only thing that is unattractive about the Egyptian Goose is its nose.  But there is amazing color in it.

Spring Day Walk

It kind of looks like a bad lipstick day.

Spring Day Walk

I wanted to get it’s feet front on but it did not stop moving.

Spring Day Walk

Of course, these birds have no shame and what does my camera lock onto – oh year, poop.  Sorry guys.

The feet of an Egyptian Goose

Finally my foot fettish is satisfied and besides having stopped for that brief second, the bird was no moving forward towards me with a purpose.  Time for me to get out of it’s way.

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