30 Minutes in the Life: November 2016

It is so hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the year.  July to August, I slept, watched movies and read.  Two months gone just lying on the bed.  Then it was back to work, but not back to life. Progress post surgery has been slow.  While I tried some short walks they have really been short.  Today I decided to attempt what I thought would be a complete walk.  It took me an hour of going slowly and stopping and taking photo’s and limping along.  So that is my disclaimer, some of my images go over 30 minutes.

So limp along with me.  The place I opted to go is probably not my favorite.  The walk is dark and lonely, there is no wildlife, just trees and the odd dragonfly, but this was what I was up to and it was an achievement for me.  So here are my images from my dark lonely walk.


Today was a day of achievements for me. I was able to walk a full boardwalk. Okay so it was not a long boardwalk but 3 months after foot surgery I finally felt like I achieved something I really enjoy doing. Getting out and breathing the air. Of course, you then head home and hit the ice packs.

Into the dark and lonely woods I go. Bobcat have been seen in here and there is traces of that fact, but over all it is me alone with the elements.


The subtle effects of the Lensbaby twist optic

I took three lens with me – my zoom lens (70-300mm), my composer pro with the twist optic, and the composer pro that I just bought for my daughter with the sweet 50 optic. This image is taken with the twist optic.


In the midst of a swampy area were these 3 beautiful flowers

In the midst of a swampy area were these 3 beautiful flowers



The narrow depth of field is a favorite of mine and I enjoy finding leaves on the boardwalk railing and getting down close to them.


This little fern felt like a mighty warrior to me.

This little fern felt like a mighty warrior to me.



These berries were probably the most color I saw on the walk.


Framed by the twist effect

Spanish Moss was prominent on the walk and here it is framed by the twist effect.




Again getting down low I loved the pop of color on the boardwalk railing


Fern Leaf

The walk is dark and so it lends to really moody looking images. I loved the way this fern was unfolding.



This dead leaf was directly in front of a open fern. I liked the effect of the background.


Dead fern leaf

There were so many dead ferns along the walkway and I felt that this one had a lot of character.


Leaf - using the Lensbaby twist

Another narrow depth of field using the Lensbaby Composer Pro with the sweet 50 optic.


Fern Leaf

Ferns with the beautiful light behind again using the Lensbaby Composer Pro with the sweet 50 optic.



While the old ferns are dying new life is happening and this little fern is ready to take on the world, or at least the walkway.



Dead leaves and beautiful backgrounds. This image was taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro and the sweet 50 optic.


Fern Leaf with the Lensbaby twist

Another dead fern this time taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro and twist optic


Leaf - using the Lensbaby twist

This is perhaps my favorite, using the narrow depth of field that I so love, and coupling it with the Lensbaby Composer Pro and twist optic. I loved that the leaf is sharp and the effects are spiraled.


Climbing Leaf

I am at the end of the walk. I am tired, my limp is probably more pronounced, my foot is sore, but this little leaf reminds me that progress is like a creeper, you keep at it until you reach the end. The end is not anytime soon, but hopefully there is an end in sight.


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