Seattle: Columbia Building

I am going to be honest here.  I have a major problem with heights.  I am never really keen to get to the edge and look down.  I was extremely grateful when we got to The Grand Canyon glass lookout 2 years ago and they said no camera’s.  There was no way I was leaving my camera on the ground to walk on the look out. Phew!!  When I see a television add and the car is on the roof of a tall building and it comes to a screaming halt at the edge of the building my stomach drops.  So when it came to Seattle I already had doubts about me going up the Space Needle.  When I saw the external elevator, and the large number of people planning to go up, I decided it was not for me.

Space Needle, Science Museum, Children's Museum, Staduim

Space Needle

However, I still wanted to get above the roof line and after some research I discovered that the Columbia building in Seattle had an observatory on the top floor.  The cost was also half the price of the Space Needle. The tough part was that the top floor was 72 stories up. The same friend that suggested that I visit the library, made another suggestion.  Go get coffee at Starbucks.  It is on the 52nd floor.  Still high, but all you pay for is your coffee.

So off to Starbucks we went, via the elevator in the Columbia building up to the 52nd floor.  Gulp!  I thought I was a little nervous, but my two companions were not happy that I was dragging them all the way up. Walking into Starbucks was a little weird.  The floor felt a little bouncy.  I cannot say I felt the building sway or anything, but the floor was a little strange.  Looking out the window did not phase me but clearly looking out the window was tough for my friends.

We are going up.

We are going up.

The view from the Starbucks window on the 52nd floor of the Columbia Building

The view from the Starbucks windows, on the 52nd floor of the Columbia Building

The view from the 52nd floor.

Scanning the roof tops

Looking down from the 52nd floor

Its a long way down from the 52nd floor

52 Stories down - done in HDR

My point of view done in HDR

52nd floor Lobby

The mural in the 52nd floor Lobby

52nd floor Lobby

And a little closer up

The Coloumbia Towers which goes up 72 stories.

The Coloumbia Towers which goes up 72 stories. Ground up view

The Coloumbia Towers which goes up 72 stories.

High up in the sky.

From the outside looking up.

Up in the clouds.

The Columbia building was an interesting experience and well worth the time taken out of the day to go and grab some coffee on the 52nd floor.  Added to that I really enjoyed editing the shots of the building.

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Keep a look out for more of the upcoming blogs, Seattle the city, Chinatown and Capital Hill.  From there we head off to the Orca Islands and to Leavensworth.

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