Tell me a story: Festive 5: December 2015

I started collecting Santa’s in 2001.  I fell in love with all the different varieties you could find in the USA. My Christmas tree went from an assortment of ornaments to my favorites and Santa’s and Christmas balls.  Then my tree went from small to large, and from a variety to Santa’s and Christmas balls.  My objective was always to try and find unique and different Santa’s.

This year however, for the most part it was only the two of us at home, and the 2 felines, one of which had never spent a Christmas in the house.  I was not sure how he was going to react to the Christmas tree.  I also worked until the 23rd of December and really did not feel like putting up a multitude of decorations. Perhaps one day when there is grandchildren that may happen but this year it did not.

So this year only two of my tree’s layers went up and only my Santa’s, the lights and some icicles went on. The first image is my small tree, taken with my new lensbaby sweet 35.  Below that are just a few of my favorite Santa’s.

Christmas lights with the help of the lensbaby sweet 35

Christmas lights with the help of the lensbaby sweet 35


A Wizard with an umbrella (?) Santa

Snowflake Santa

Snowflake Santa

Scalelectric Santa

Scalextric Santa   This one reminds me of a Christmas growing up when my parent bought my brother a set.  We had endless fun with it and of course, I continuously crashed my car.

Jester Santa

Jester Santa  One of my favorite collectibles has been clowns.  This guy captured my heart immediately.

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One Comment on “Tell me a story: Festive 5: December 2015

  1. I love your Santa collection! They remind me very much of some of the ones my Grandma had at her house growing up.


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