Tell me a Story: October 2015: Oktoberfest, South Florida

If you are visiting South Florida in October, the Oktoberfest in Lantana, is one of the events you really should catch. We have tried to go every year with friends.  Having been to beer halls in Munich, this is small scale but it is still a whole lot of fun.  Bands are imported from Germany for the event.  The crowd gathers, the police monitor, the food is abundant and overall a good time is had.  Here is our visit to the Oktoberfest this month..

Cars entering the event are long, the parking cost a lot higher than I would like to pay, but still it is worth the visit.  This year we were directed to the parking directly behind the facility which may getting back to your car quick and easy.  Of course, the essential part of attending the Oktoberfest – buying the beer tickets.

The essential part of attending the Oktoberfest - buying the beer tickets.

Once inside you make your way through throngs of people towards the beer hall, where you find beer in abundance and in variety.  Prost!!

Beer on tap.


Beer on tap

Along with the beer is a variety of German foods.

Sourdough breads

Beyond the beer halls is the fairground and children and parents line the edges and the ticket counters to ensure that they get a ridge on the various options.

Thrill rides

Riding on the swings.

Thrill rides

Thrill Rides.

We sat out in the beer garden and I spent some time looking around and picking up my camera.  Every so often I would take myself off for a walk, leaving Rich and our friends to drink their beers.

Traditional costumes were definitely the theme of the day.

In traditional dress...

Along with the most random of hats, some more conservative ….

Random hats

Random hats

than others….

Random hats

I happened to spot a man play with this toy that transported me back to my youth.  I cannot remember what they were called but I do remember playing with a similar kind of toy.

I am not even sure what these are called but they transported me back to my youth which is when I last saw them.

It was party time inside the beer hall, and the band brought out from Germany was having a great deal of fun.  Besides the traditional German songs, including the Chicken song, they played a variety of well know party songs such as Abba, and Neil Diamond.  The lady below was encouraging the audience to be actively involved. There was singing, and dancing, and shouting out loud.

Encouraging the crowd

Inside the beer hall and entertainment area

Partying to the music

Music Makers from Holland

I wandered back outside to witness my friend doing the actions to the YMCA song.  I was a little slow on the uptake and did not get a great shot of the Y, but I had to include it.


Y                                             M                                         C                                           A

Before we knew it, the sun was setting and the evening had crept in.

Sunset over the fair grounds

Sunset over the fairgrounds

Sun flare over the beer gardens

But that did not stop the party from happening.  People drank beer, had fun and were monitored by the local police.  I did not see anyone that was out of hand.

Of course, I wandered off again when I heard the bagpipes, and stayed inside for the whole display.

Then the bagpipes came out...

More music, more audience participation, more laughter, more beer.  This young lady gave an amazing mimic during the song Mama Mia.

Mama Mia

It was dark outside when I wandered back out to join our friends.  Of course I went via the fair again.

The swings at night

Thrill ride at night

Looking from the inside of the main hall towards the fairgrounds.

The closing of the day and the last few rides

While this was not my view at the end of the evening, I have to wonder how many had this view when leaving the event.  Always make sure that you have a designated driver when attending an event where you may drink a lot of alcohol.

While this was not my view at the end of the evening, I have to wonder how many had this view when leaving the event.

Some see the glass half empty,

Others see the glass as half full,

I just wonder who the hell is drinking my beer.

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7 Comments on “Tell me a Story: October 2015: Oktoberfest, South Florida

  1. Loved this! You really captured the spirit of the event, it seems. I love the shots of the carnival rides, especially the BW shot of the people in the foreground and the one ride in the background. And the portraits of your friend doing the YMCA are great too!


  2. Looks like tons of fun! My favorite image is of the lady with her hands up in the air! Love the expression on her face! It’s hard to pick just ONE though. Some of your image links appear to be broken 😦


  3. Looks like tons of fun! I love real German beer. My favorite image is the one with the lady with her hands up in the air, though it’s so hard to pick just one! . The expression on her face is priceless! Some of your image links appear to be broken. 😦


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