Tell me a Story: June 2015: At the end of the day….

Tell me a story comes around quite quickly when you are having fun.  This month I hope to have got it done early.  We spent 3 days down in the Keys at a place called Curry Hammock on Crawls Key.  It is a State Park and yes we are outdoor campers.  We have camped most of our life, either in tents, or a caravan, or what we have now, which is a pop up.  And I will add that I have slept in a cave overnight as well.  Not that comfortable but I can check it off my bucket list.  The other item I can check off my bucket list was camping through Europe.  We did all, but Portugal and Belguim, sleeping in a tent.

The outdoor life is good for us.  I struggle in the mornings to wake up for the sunrise, but having done that, I am glad that I did.  I love to see the sky change color and the new day begin.  However, the best time of day for me, is when the sun sets.  So Friday night Richard asked if I wanted to go and see the sunset.  Oh yes I did.  So we hopped in the car and drove to Marathon only to find that the sun was already well on it’s way down.

Saturday consisted of a lot of exercise for Richard and a lot of suntanning and reading and hanging out with the large Green Iguana’s.  We barbecued early and headed off to Marathon again.  Just as you enter Marathon there is a bay, and adjacent to the bay is a small pull off parking area.  We took our deck chairs, our drinks and some snacks and we settled in to watch the beauty of the setting sun.

Boaters coming back to land

Waiting on the setting sun

The setting sun over the bay

The setting sun with the trees bordering the edge

For me there is nothing more special than sitting and watching a sunset and reminding myself that this is the glory of creation.


Sunset on the bay

Sunset across the bay

Sunset across the bay - boat heading out

Sunset across the bay - silhouette of the beacon and a couple

Sunset across the bay

Sunset across the bay

Sunset across the bay

Clouds at sunset

A final goodnight to the sunset

“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”
~ Richie Norton

There is nothing more beautiful for me than to enjoy the beauty of creation.  Thank you for joining me for this month’s Tell me a Story.  This is a circle blog.  Please take time to visit my friend, Lisa of Balancing Bedlam and see what she has for you this month.  Keep following the circle to see what the other photographers have shared this month.

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